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3 Important Things to Look for When Considering a Commercial Van Upfit for Your Business

Work trucks are out. While they were the commercial workhorse for businesses for the longest time, the van is in. Not only does it have more space for equipment (along with a roof to protect payloads), but it also has a larger surface area for graphics, a lower form factor that makes loading/unloading less strenuous, and usually comes with mounting points for equipment. No more cut PVC pipes, wooden screw organizers and opening ten different cabinets here, but a workspace as well as an organizer for your gear.

So, what should you look for in a Commercial Van Upfit? Here are three of the most important aspects to look for:


First, and foremost, is utility. Without a flexible platform to get you through the work day and the ability to carry all your equipment you may as well walk to the jobsite with your kit on your back. Some CUVs excel at carrying your tools, some cargo, and others the crew themselves, but the ProMaster RAM by FR Conversions will do all three, and even sport a trailer at the back with ease.

Tools are your livelihood, and FR Conversions makes their security and access paramount. Optional stainless steel or galvalume interior walls with mounting points for all types of equipment are available and LED panels across the floor mean you will always find the equipment you’re looking for.

Whether you’re on the jobsite late at night, early in the morning, or just parked under a shady tree, the fully illuminated cargo space will make it a breeze. Those tools can also be powered by FR Conversion’s optional 2,000 Watt Power Inverter, making your vehicle your shop away from the shop. With this Remote Base capability, whether your 1 mile or 1,000 miles away, you’ll always have your tools and the power to get the job done.

Cargo is another primary factor in the utility of your vehicle, and the ProMaster series has room to spare. With a 4,400 Weight Capacity and reinforced floor with L-Track for tie-downs, your cargo will be safe and secure, whether fragile or bulky. The optional Retractable Ramp System is rated at 2,000lbs and is as wide as the RAM itself, further aids workers in loading and unloading.

Your worksite transportation solution is further improved upon by the power of the RAM ProMaster and upfit options. The vehicle is powered by a PENTASTAR 3.6L V6 280-HP Engine bringing very capable power to the front wheels. The optional towing hitch provided by FR Conversions allows you to tow up to 5100lbs with 600PD of torque, in case you need to bring any more equipment with you. A heavy-duty alternator will also ensure you’re never left stranded at the end of a long day.

Of course, all that gear is mighty useless without hands to wield them, which is why FR Conversions has added a crew cab to the ProMaster, adding four seats for a total of six crew and air conditioning to keep everyone in comfort.

“Whether transporting crews, hauling a trailer, or moving equipment, the FR Commercial Utility Vehicle does all three at once!”



Safety is another primary factor when looking at a Commercial Van Upfit. Even if your driver is the best in the business, it’s the others on the road you must watch out for. As such, all FR Conversion vans are fully crash-tested, and meet or exceed government crash test standards. Further, the RAM ProMaster’s 46.8 ft. turning radius will reduce the amount of Y-turns your workers will make. Also, the plus editions come with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road while providing updates to the office. The crew cab is separated from the cargo by a panel, minimizing the risk of loose cargo injuring passengers in the event of a collision or sudden stop.

Of course, it’s not just on the road that safety matters, but on the jobsite as well. The LED lighting in the rear cargo area will allow workers to maneuver around equipment and find sharp tools without the fear of bruises and cuts. Not only is the FR Conversions CUV outfitted with a back-up alarm, alerting everyone around the vehicle, but also a Parkview® Back-up camera, to assure the driver that the path is absolutely clear.

On the road or at the jobsite, you can be confident that FR Conversions puts safety at its core.

Manufacturer Reputation

FR Conversions began by making accessibility vehicles in 2008 and has since become the fastest growing and most progressive commercial van upfit manufacturer in America. They bring to market mobility and commercial vehicle solutions that are a perfect fit for many platforms – features, design, aggressive pricing, service, safety and financing. For their CUV they started with RAM’s Euro-style ProMaster Van, America’s most in-demand vehicle workhorse and have cut prices to a bare minimum while providing thought-out upgrades to assist in any industry.

While some upfit conversion manufacturers will smile and wave as you leave the lot, FR Conversions will always be by your side with a 3-year/36,000 Mile Upfit Warranty. Further, any ASC Certified mechanic in your area may perform warranty work, forming a nationwide network of maintenance facilities.

The Top Three Signs You Need a New Van for Your Business

The van is more than a simple vehicle that brings the driver from point A to point B. It’s a mobile workshop, a place for storage and organisation and in many cases, a mobile office. On top of all that, delivering goods as a business makes you reliable on your van. Ensuring it is in good condition and isn’t going to break down mid-journey, sometimes you need to invest in a new vehicle and say good bye to your old companion! Here are the top three signs you need a new van for your business.

The mechanic loves you – or hates you

the-top-three-signs-you-need-a-new-van-for-your-businessWhen you have some trouble with your van and notice that your mechanic is either rubbing their hands together or rolling their eyes in despair – take the hint. It may be a quick solution to let your mechanic have their way, but if you add all the costs in the long term, you’re much better off with a new van that doesn’t require so many patch-up jobs. You will also be saving money, as you don’t want to spend more than the van was originally worth.

You need more space

If you’ve ever moved and relocated, you know how many possessions you accumulate over the years – you actually own a lot more than you think. The same is true when you store your equipment in the van; you’d be surprised at how much you actually own. It could, of course, be just a case of forgetting to throw out the old and unnecessary but if you see that all your tools require more space, you may be ready to buy a van that can accommodate all your possessions and business tools and equipment in an orderly manner.

You’re not looking forward to long trips

If you know you have to travel some distance and have a nagging feeling in your stomach – or a little voice in your head – that discourages you from doing it, you may not be comfortable in your van anymore. Often it’s your instinct telling you that too much can go wrong.

And here’s another sign it might be time to get a new van, as confirmed by van lease and finance specialists like suddenly find yourself on the road and realise that you know the breakdown provider on a first-name basis… you’ve had to call on him/her too many times before and so it’s time for a change. That doesn’t mean you have to give up the old (yet not-so-trustworthy) van; it just means that it’s time to move on and let a new van take care of you whilst you go about your business. You’ll form a bond with the new van in no time – that’s a promise.

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Make certain Your own Caravan Components Have been in Street Deserving Form Prior to Venturing out

Make certain Your own Caravan Components Have been in Street Deserving Form Prior to Venturing outThe moment summer time period begins, it’s period once again for any great street journey vacation together with your loved ones. There’s nothing such as viewing spectacular scenery as well as beautiful scenery in the comfort and ease of the leisure automobile. Make certain your own caravan components have been in operating purchase. Having your caravan, pop-top, or even recreational camper maintained frequently is essential for that security of the loved ones. As soon as your automobile may be viewed with a expert caravan maintenance organization, you’ll have satisfaction whilst generating.

Whenever you go to a caravan components store, not just may these people ready your automobile for that being successful 10, 000 kms, however they will even will give you thorough statement featuring any kind of long term upkeep necessity really worth talking about.

Presently there numerous factors why you need to get this to a normal routine prior to striking the actual open up street. Getting your own RECREATIONAL VEHICLE to some caravan maintenance store provides you with a comprehensive examination assured in order to save a person cash. This is often very helpful, particularly if you have the second-hand automobile which was bought for yourself.

The actual thorough check in your caravan components helps to ensure you’ve not really bought the ” lemon “. This really is some thing you need to perform. For those who have not really however purchased the automobile, you are able to nevertheless choose whether to purchase this. Understanding what’s incorrect provides you with a concept associated with how much cash you’ll have to invest and additional influence to buy this in a decreased cost.

A few of the caravan components which are provided a comprehensive examination range from the subsequent:

— Tires, brakes, as well as bearings

— Tyres as well as tires

— Comes as well as shackles with regard to put on

— Outriggers, framework bed rails, cross-members, as well as A-Frames with regard to damage/fatigue

— Jockey steering wheel as well as jack port lubrication

— Exterior visitors lighting as well as cabling cable connections

— Hands braking system cable television realignment

An additional stage really worth talking about in regards to a caravan maintenance organization is actually that they’ll carry out insurance coverage function with respect to just about all main insurance providers. Be it fireplace, surprise, or even effect harm, these people will help you arrange your own declare as well as maintenance within the most effective as well as stress-free method feasible.

For instance, your automobile stops working as well as you need to obtain back on the path to achieve your own location promptly. Your caravan components fixed in order to it’s unique condition may just be performed should you get yourself a complete guarantee upon just about all sanctioned maintenance.

1 essential examine you need to help to make prior to venturing out is actually in your caravan roofing. This really is 1 part that’s seldom looked over. Many people wait around until the actual 11th hr to obtain this set when it’s currently past restore. The reason why wait around until after that? The caravan maintenance store may reseal your own roofing by making use of the membrane layer which closes, functions because padding, as well as decreases damage brought on by are thunder storms to some extent. Closing the actual roofing causes it to be quieter throughout incidences associated with large rain fall.

Keep in mind, the caravan roofing sealant begins in order to degrade as soon as it’s folded from the manufacturing plant ground. Add sunshine, dirt, essential oil, dampness, as well as heat variants, which is merely a issue of your time prior to the sealant begins in order to break or even, from most detrimental, offers vanished completely.

Being enviromentally friendly Along with Luxurious Transformation Vehicles

Being enviromentally friendly Along with Luxurious Transformation VehiclesAn extravagance transformation truck could be a fairly affordable, however eco-friendly way of a business owner to begin the lucrative business without having taking on a good enormous quantity of financial debt. For instance, within places which are a substantial range from the main airport terminal, an extravagance truck is actually a practical option with regard to company vacationers, particularly if energy costs tend to be near to a good all-time higher.

Because each and every organization as well as each and every entrepreneur is extremely worried most abundant in effective make use of of time, the customized luxurious truck transformation that provides state-of-the-art workplace features is actually a main feature for any newer business owner.

There are lots of businesses that provide aggressive costs upon luxurious truck conversion rates which are advanced as well as magnificent, however possess affordable freeway rankings with regard to energy usage. Numerous automobiles may easily chair as much as eighteen individuals, which could reduce the actual co2 impact which individuals people might help to make in the event that every had been to move him or her or even himself towards the closest main airport terminal, for example.

These types of vehicles could be designed with information plug-ins, access to the internet, fax capacity as well as chargers with regard to electronics, producing all of them digital workplaces with regard to company vacationers having to take full advantage of their own period. Numerous vehicles can be found along with lavatories as well as elevated ceilings, in addition to luxurious chairs as well as home windows.

Additionally, these types of automobiles may be used like a business benefit or even motivation with regard to workers, for example to consider celebrity entertainers upon excursions in order to sports such as soccer video games; it is also utilized like a cellular product sales workplace.

An extravagance transformation truck may be accustomed to amuse company customers. Several choices can be found upon transformation vehicles, for example elevated ceilings, moist pubs, widescreen plasma Televisions, trendy eye-port covers as well as skylights, along with simulated hard wood floors as well as toilet amenities; truck conversion rates will also be obtainable along with disabled entry.

For several years, wellness businesses as well as physicians possess employed truck conversion rates because cellular laboratories to go to colleges with regard to inoculations, to go to companies because cellular bloodstream donor automobiles in order to achieve really non-urban places which absence healthcare staff or even amenities.

Veterinarians purchased truck conversion rates for a long time because cellular pet treatment centers to provide inexpensive spay as well as neuter providers as well as inoculations in order to owners that may or else not really have the ability to pay for these types of remedies for his or her domestic pets.

If the luxurious truck transformation is actually officially outfitted, for the healthcare automobile, or even luxuriously outfitted, for the multi-person transport automobile or even cellular workplace or even product sales workplace, it may be a good eco seem company choice along with a monetarily seem 1.

How you can Properly Tow line Your next Hands Caravan

How you can Properly Tow line Your next Hands CaravanAnother hands caravan is a good affordable option for the very first leisure automobile. Towing, nevertheless, generally provides a few difficulties for that unskilled car owner. Generating having a used caravan is extremely dissimilar to generating an ordinary vehicle since it demands much more rigorous focus along with a totally new group of abilities. Right here, we now have gathered a few ideas to help to make towing just a little simpler in your very first journey.

Adhere to the street Guidelines: To begin with, check-up just how much pounds you’re lawfully permitted to have together with your used caravan, because you will find nationwide laws and regulations regulating this particular. If you’re going about the interstate then you definitely ought to help to make be aware associated with whenever you move right into a various condition as well as alter your own pace appropriately. Within Tasmania there’s a 90km each hour pace restrict, while within the North Place a few highways don’t have any restrict whatsoever, however you should know associated with the way the additional weight impacts exactly how quick you are able to generate properly.

Discover Towing Abilities: It is necessary that you simply learn to tow line your next hands caravan prior to departing for the vacation. Understanding while you proceed may cause lots of tension as well as shame, destroying the vacation for everybody. Keep in mind additionally that you’ll not necessarily end up being generating on the sleek concrete street within ideal climate conditions; even though you do not intend on heading off-road, merely curing right into a these types of in a camping website provides sufficient problems for that newbie. Understanding secure towing abilities will even make sure that your family tend to be a lot less dangerous in your hiking vacation.

Street Good manners: Like a newbie in order to towing huge used caravan, it’s easy to understand if you would like, or even require, they are driving a little reduced compared to additional automobiles on the highway. Nevertheless, you need to realize that not really most people are on vacation which using a big automobile prevent in the circulation associated with visitors on the freeway can be hugely irritating. You need to consequently frequently draw to allow visitors via upon hectic highways.

Permit the actual Pounds of the Caravan: Simply because towing something provides substantial pounds for your automobile, the actual reaction period of the car’s speed as well as braking is actually considerably jeopardized. You are able to create a few particular secure generating processes to conquer this particular, in addition to leftover conscious of the additional pounds as you generate. Whilst generating upon large, alpine highways, you need to focus on managing your own pace as well as maintaining your own brakes because awesome as you possibly can, whilst remaining on the reduced equipment as well as allowing the actual motor perform most of the braking.