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Estimating the Value of a Classic Car Accurately

It is easier to identify a classic car than determining its value. Your friends, family members, and even neighbors would take every chance to at least take a picture of the lovely classic car hanging in your garage but you might have a difficult time deciding the value of the car if peradventure you want to sell. Or maybe you found your dream classic car listed on a car lot but do not know if its price is fair or not. Classic car value estimator Maine can help you get the right estimate of that sweet vintage ride you’d like to sell or buy.

So how do you estimate classic car values? The easiest option is to use the services of a classic car value estimator Maine. These experts are skilled in handling this kind of task and know the tricks to know how much a car’s worth. Check out a few tricks below

Market Research

The first obvious way to determine the value of a classic car is to visit as many dealerships as possible to get updated on the current market value. The results from the research put you a step ahead in determining an accurate estimate for your sweet vintage ride.

Have it in mind that a dealership will always give you a quote higher than the actual market value. Oftentimes, they add 10% extra. Other determinants include demand for the car and personal preference. Amongst all the options, consulting with dealers gives a more accurate price range.

Car Condition

One of the major factors that determine how much a classic car’s worth include the condition of the car. Most classic car appraisers use a five-point system, as follows

  • Excellent – indicating the car is as good as new

  • Very Good – Car exhibits minor mechanical fault or small scratches but usually drivable

  • Good – Car requires a little restoration job, and in perfect shape for commuting.

  • Fair: Requires more restoration job with obvious damage. A car with a good exterior look but with a faulty engine or mechanical failure.

  • Parts Car: The car is written off and irreparable. Just as apparent in its name, people buy the car to make use of its part not for driving purposes.

Customization Devalues the Car

While ‘pimping’ a ride to your taste can be a great idea, it devalues its worth when you want to sell. One of the reasons behind this notion is that it is hard to find original parts of a classic car on the market. In the same vein, maintaining the original parts doesn’t come cheap. A classic car that hasn’t undergone any form of modification will come with a hefty price tag.


Classic Dodge Chargers for instance may be expensive on the market, Chargers with a Hemi engine is a jackpot. This is because the latter were manufactured in limited numbers. Rare classic cars command a higher price.

Get to know the value of your precious valuable through the right classic car value estimator Maine.

How to Take Care of Your Old, Classic Car

If you are a true admirer of classic vehicles, you must be already familiar with Oldtimer Magazine. This magazine discusses and provides news related to old, classic automotive. The Oldtimer provides several categories, such as Oldtimer Asia, Oldtimers Africa, Oldtimer Europe, and many more. In this article, we will share tips on how to take care of old and classic cars.

Pay Attention to Component Conditions

Old cars are not as strong as new cars. This is why it is important for you to frequently check the conditions of your car’s component in order to avoid unwanted incidents on the road. Especially, if you still drive your old car. Check the condition of every component, such as the brake, wheels, suspension, and so on.

Regularly Change the Engine Oil

The next is about changing the engine oil. Old cars tend to be more wasteful of oil. You change the engine oil this month, you will likely have to change it again the next month. But, do not be lazy to change the engine oil because if you are, you will worsen the condition of your old car, especially the engine part.

Check the Radiator

The next thing you should be concerned when it comes to taking care of old cars is the radiator. The radiator acts as a temperature cooler on the engine. There is water in the radiator that will run out within certain periods of time. If this happens, your old car will break down when you drive it. So, always check the radiator.

Replace the Timing Belt

A timing belt is also an essential part in a old car. If the timing belt is damaged or cut, your car will not be able to move. So, it will be better if you replace the timing belt when the distance has reached approximately 40 km.

Regularly Clean Your Old Car

Besides the body, you should also clean all parts of your old car that are reachable. Try to clean your car at least once a week with a damp cloth. Avoid using a detergent to wash your old car because the chemicals contained in detergents can damage the paint of your car. Instead, use a car shampoo. Before you wash your old car, make sure there is no leaking part of the car that is prone to water. By regularly cleaning your old car, you can keep driving it with comfort for a long time.

Regularly Tune Up

In order to anticipate severe damages on the engine that will cost you more, you are suggested to regularly tune up your old car in a trusted workshop. Tune up is the process where your car’s engine will be thoroughly maintained. From checking, adjusting, repairing, to replacing components, if necessary. As you know, old cars require special maintenance and attention.

Those are the tips to take care of old, classic cars. If you want to know more about other useful tips, you can check the official website of the Oldtimer Magazine.

7 Explanations why Traditional Vehicles Tend to be Much better than Brand new Types

The beginning of 08 introduced excellent enjoyment for all those carefully view the actual car business — as well as particularly individuals negotiate in order to only an excellent vehicle. Very first, with the web as well as e-mail We obtained an image of the garden storage shed upon wheels- having a smart phony pr release heralding the actual release from the brand new Daewood vehicle. This particular appeared very humorous.

After that, within Indian, Tata Engines released the actual planet’s least expensive brand new vehicle… the actual $2, 500 Nano. Eager industry-watchers had been astonished in the “breathtaking improvements within production technologies within the worldwide car business depending on serious cost-cutting”. Other people along with traditional strategy particularly within UNITED STATES referred to the vehicle because “a golfing trolley entered having a jello bean. inch

However each occasions obtained me personally considering — the reason why may an individual purchase brand new ‘Eurobox car’ whenever you have the possibility associated with wonderful traditional automobile, This particular assessment puzzled my personal co-workers from Sureterm Immediate — the actual United kingdom’s top professional traditional auto insurance organization — together with all of them right here We jogged 7 factors to purchase a vintage vehicle rather than the faceless, inexpensive, under-powered, Euro-shed.

1. Much better insurance coverage offers. The actual nation’s top professional traditional vehicle insurance provider states, the expense associated with covering a vintage MGB could be substantially under include for any brand new warm hatch and also the distinction may set you back countless lbs. Traditional auto insurance estimates can be quite aggressive.

2. Absolutely no street taxes. In the united kingdom historical vehicles constructed prior to 1973 be eligible for a zero-rated street taxes. You have to show the taxes drive that price absolutely nothing.

3. This can make monetary feeling. As soon as a person generate your own inexpensive poor vehicle a person shed 30% associated with it’s worth immediately within devaluation also it no more continues to be a brand new vehicle. However should you committed to a vintage vehicle within good shape — as well as held this wise — it’s worth continues to be exact same and perhaps it may actually improve.

4. Less expensive restore expenses as it can certainly obtain fixed anyplace any kind of components are often obtainable.

5. The actual traditional vehicles tend to be more environmentally-friendly. Purchasing as well as utilizing a traditional vehicle is actually recycling where possible par-excellence. Extra components with regard to old vehicles tend to be readily-accessible, therefore maintaining your own traditional operating is extremely eco seem.

6. Inside a traditional automobile you’re generating close to within something which is actually immediately identifiable as well as pulls interest.

7. Social network. There are numerous traditional vehicle membership and you will sign up for the actual top notch team. For instance, you will find occasions with regard to VW Beetle proprietors nearly every weekend break.

Best Strategies for Moving Your own Traditional Vehicle

Moving your own traditional vehicle for an occasion or even exhibit, Study the best tips about how to protect your own valuable automobile as well as make sure this gets to it’s location within perfect situation.

Insist upon the very best

Trusting your vehicle to some unfamiliar person is actually some thing couple of proprietors perform gently, however whenever which vehicle is really a uncommon as well as useful traditional you have to consider much more safeguards prior to giving this more than. You will want to be sure your own valued automobile is going to be dealt with using the exact same treatment a person luxurious onto it your self. Start by buying organization which specialises within traditional automobile transportation while offering the unique support with regard to historical automobiles.

Need the protected vehicle transporter

A good open up truck isn’t any location for any traditional or even classic vehicle; the danger associated with rock potato chips along with other unintentional harm is actually as well excellent. With regard to optimum security and safety just custom-built, air-suspended, surrounded traditional vehicle transport automobiles tend to be adequate.

Request queries

An established automobile transport organization is going to be pleased to talk about your requirements at length as well as tackle any kind of issues you’ve. Whenever you speak with all of them, would be the personnel certainly skilled as well as nicely educated, Would you really feel reassured that you’re coping with an expert group,

Examine the actual path

Nevertheless brief or even lengthy the actual trip, launching as well as unloading should be held to some minimal. Regardless of whether you’re reserving traditional vehicle transport inside the UNITED KINGDOM, in order to as well as through landmass European countries, the automobile which gathers your vehicle ought to be the exact same one which provides this in order to it’s location without any exchanges on the way. With regard to additional satisfaction, make sure that the organization you select utilizes real-time automobile monitoring therefore it usually understands the precise location of the vehicle.

Look at the facts

A vintage vehicle may be invaluable in order to it’s proprietor, however for useful reasons make certain it will likely be completely covered in order to it’s real marketplace worth. Discover when the organization may assure it’s shipping period and provide exact same day time authorized proof-of-delivery. In the event that discernment is essential for you, may additionally they assure discretion,

Obtain impartial views

Do not simply take the corporation’s term with regard to the caliber of it’s support. Request additional traditional vehicle proprietors that they’d suggest with regard to expert automobile selection as well as shipping. Any organization happy with it’s status, for example Advatec, may have lots of checkable recommendations upon document.

Getting some time to select surrounded automobile transportation that is precisely befitting your own traditional or even classic vehicle won’t assistance to protect it’s look as well as situation however may get rid of lots of tension out of your existence as well!

Vehicle Product sales Strategies for Promoting Your own Classic Vehicle

If you’re likely to market your own classic vehicle, after that you should know that it’s not really always easy so that as easy because car or truck product sales. It’s apparent when you have a classic vehicle, then you definitely should be really keen on this as well as should have possessed this with regard to many years. Nevertheless, right now you have lastly chose to market this away, you’ll need to deal with particular points to be able to cruise with the total promoting procedure efficiently and obtain a great worth for the costs ownership.

The very first and also the primary issue associated with the vehicle product sales associated with classic vehicles is actually that it’s really difficult to acquire the purchaser that is able to spend a great cost with regard to having this. Nevertheless, prior to continuing using the purchaser research as well as promoting procedure, you need to understand, what’s the key reason that you decided in order to spend your own cherished ownership, Among the factors, that numerous classic vehicle retailers intend to market away their own traditional vehicle, may be the issue associated with upkeep. It really is a hard, period as well as cash eating issue to maintain the actual traditional vehicles inside a good shape. Nevertheless, the actual upkeep might not be the fundamental or even the only real cause that you should market your vehicle.

Cash could also trigger you to definitely market the vehicle. You might not make sure regardless of whether you’ll be obtaining a great cost for this later on, or even are preparing to buy brand new vehicle using the cash acquired through promoting the actual traditional vehicle. You may would rather market of the automobile whenever this looks for a higher cost in our marketplace. In the end, your vehicle product sales may get a person a large amount of revenue.

Regardless of what ‘s the reason that you should market away your vehicle, with regard to prosperous vehicle product sales, it is necessary that you simply need to have an precise cost in the fascinated purchaser for the classic vehicle. With regard to determining an ideal worth of the classic vehicle when it comes to cash, you can examine it’s overall performance as well as upkeep. These types of elements would be the primary determining elements associated with the buying price of a classic vehicle. Additionally examine the actual believed cost from the exact same design or even comparable types of vehicles because available for sale. The web could possibly be the greatest location that you should discover a few simple as well as helpful classic vehicle promoting strategies for your self.