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Crucial steps to take if you are involved in a Bicycle accident 

According to statistics from the Center for Diseases and Prevention (CDC), cyclists are faced with a higher risk of crash-related deaths and injuries compared to motor vehicle occupants.

In 2013, the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority Administration announced that more than 7000 died from car crashes.

The above statistics point to the fact that any cyclist is at risk of getting involved in an accident.

As such, it is important to understand what to do in case you get involved in such an accident. Most cyclists fail to get justice after an accident simply because they are not aware of the steps to take.

Below is a list of the things you can do in case you are involved in a bicycle accident:

1. Remain safe where the accident happened

This is one of the most important rules! Do not move away from the accident’s scene. In case you are in the middle of the road, move a little bit so that that you don’t get hit again by passing vehicles and bicycles.

What most people don’t know is that they can be accused of hit and run even if they are cycling. The best option is to remain put where the accident has occurred and wait.

2. Check for the injuries

Take some time to check the extent of the injuries from the bike accident. Common injuries from such accidents include broken bones, whiplash, concussions, or lacerations. Sometimes it might not be easy to know where exactly you have been injured because of the high amount of adrenaline.

3. Call the police

Immediately you get involved in an accident, contact 911. It is very important to tarry till the police arrive at the scene and file a report. You may be convinced that you are injured and opt to go away. However, some injuries from bike accidents do not manifest instantly.

Some injuries may also appear mild but later turn out to be permanent. Leaving the accident scene will make it difficult to know the at-fault driver.

It is good to remain calm and wait for the police to come and assess the situation. The police will ticket the driver once they arrive – which can help your bicycle accident lawyer to file a strong case.

4. Exchange information

Remember to get important contact information car driver. Ensure to get information such as addresses, name, phone number, insurance information, driver’s license if possible. If there are any eyewitnesses, then try also to request their contact information.

You can request someone else to take down this information on your behalf in case you are severely injured. Such information will be crucial for your personal injury lawyer during the court hearings and submissions. Do not worry in case you don’t have bicycling insurance. Your bicycle accident lawyer will advise you on this issue.

5. Gather evidence

After exchanging the necessary information, the next step is to collect evidence. This includes writing down names of together with contact information of any witnesses that were present when the accident occurred as well as taking pictures.

It is recommended that you leave your bike at the exact position where the accident happened. Don’t try to fix anything. You can call your personal injury lawyer to help you with documenting the evidence if the accident left you with bad injuries.

In case you were wearing a Go-Pro camera, ensure that the video footage of the accident is backed up well to serve as evidence.

6. Record the injuries

Ensure that you contact a doctor as soon as the accident happens. There are certain injuries that you won’t be able to tell immediately after the accident unless you are examined by a doctor. A doctor will be able to assess the injuries and put everything on record.

The doctor’s injury report will be crucial when the West coast trial lawyers are compiling evidence to be used when the proceedings begin.

You should also take several pictures of your injuries soon after the accident occurs. Besides, you can also keep a journal of symptoms from the time of the accident until the time you get healed.

7. Inform your insurance company about the accident

It is true that your car accident won’t be able to cover for damages caused during a bike accident. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have any insurance cover for bicycle accidents.

In case you already have a personal injury protection cover, homeowners or renter’s insurance, inform the insurance company about the accident. Ensure that you provide them with all the evidence collected where the accident happened. It is also advisable to involve the services of West Coast trial lawyers at this stage.

8. Avoid any engagement with the at-fault party lawyer or insurance company

This is a mistake that most people make without knowing. Don’t engage with the at-fault party lawyers or insurance company before talking to your own bicycle accident lawyer Los Angeles. This is because any information you divulge may be used against you during the case.

It is also possible to resolve a bicycle injury case without going to court. You can talk to your bicycle accident lawyer Los Angeles and ask them to write a letter to the insurance company for a settlement. This will save a lot in terms of time and legal expenses.

9. Retain an experienced bicycle accident lawyer

Insurance companies can be stubborn when it comes to bicycle injury compensations. They can take you circles if they realize you don’t have a lawyer or if you have hired an inexperienced lawyer. The best way to deal with this is to hire a lawyer who has adequate experience in representing bicycle accident victims.

There are various ways on how you can find an experienced personal injury lawyer. One of them is through referrals. You can also check online for lawyers with the best reviews. But you should also look for ways to prevent the accident from happening.


What to do After a Car Accident 

More than 55,500 car accidents occurred on Los Angeles roadways in 2016. These accidents caused serious injuries and damages to thousands of people of all ages. One person died from injuries sustained in a car accident every 40 hours the same year. The numbers of accidents in Los Angeles during other years is just as shocking as the 2016 figures. This shocking information puts accidents into a clear perspective for drivers who get behind the wheel of an automobile. The risks of getting involved in a car accident are very realistic, even when traveling short distances. Drivers should prepare for the unexpected every time they drive their cars.


Knowing how to respond after a car accident makes a difference in the outcome of the matter. Fear, uncertainty, and confusion often overwhelm those involved in car accidents as they’re unsure what to do after the event. Despite more than six million car accidents in the U.S. every year, it’s not every day we are personally involved. This leaves us unsure of the steps we should take after the accident occurs. Keep your cool by using the following tips if a car accident occurs.


1- Check for Danger: Safety is top-priority after a car accident. Assess the area after a crash. Do you smell smoke? Is the vehicle immobilized in traffic? Move the car out of dangerous areas when possible. Your first priority after the accident is preventing further injuries and damage and human safety!


2- Assess Injuries: Assess each person inside the vehicle for injuries. Call 9-1-1 if there are injuries. Next, turn off the car and turn on the hazard lights as you wait for emergency services. This alerts other drivers that an accident is ahead and can prevent further mishaps. Never leave the scene of an accident because you can be charged with leaving the scene of an accident.


3- Call the Police: If no one in the accident is hurt, call the police. You are required by law to file an accident report with the Los Angeles Police Department. You also need the accident report to file an insurance claim and perhaps even to keep you out of legal troubles. When the officer arrives, he’ll request your driver’s license and insurance, vehicle registration, and other information as needed. You may visit the police department for a copy of the final accident report.


4- Exchange Information: Exchange information with the other driver such as full name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number, insurance company, and policy number, and license plate numbers. If the other driver doesn’t want to provide this information, do not force an exchange, but wait for the police to provide you with the details instead.


5- Keep it Cool: Do not allow your emotions to take over after an accident. Keep your cool, do not blame the other driver, do not yell or act aggressively toward the other party. Everyone should allow the police and insurance company to handle the matter correctly!


6- Take Photographs: Some drivers take photographs of driver’s licenses, license plates, etc. Photographing the scene provides evidence in the case if it is needed later. Take photos of the crash scene, skid marks, vehicles, and other road hazards. Your phone camera will suffice for accident scene photographs. It is a good idea to take a couple of shots of each photograph to ensure quality.


7- Don’t Rely on Memory: Write down all the details about the crash as you remember. Important details like the date or time of day can easily be forgotten later down the road. If pen and paper are not available, use your phone to video record the information. You can also use the notes feature on the phone to jot down the details.


8- Contact the Insurance Company: Call the insurance company as soon as possible. Some drivers call the insurance company after they call the police while still at the scene of the accident. Insurance agents may take photographs of the scene, talk to witnesses, or otherwise move forward with the process if they come to the scene. The sooner you notify the insurance company, the sooner the claims process begins.


9- Contact a Car Accident Personal Injury Lawyer: Not every car accident is serious enough to involve a car accident personal injury lawyer, but many are. Contact a Los Angeles accident attorney if you are unhappy with the insurance company’s settlement offer, if you’ve suffered life-threatening injuries, or to otherwise learn the best steps to take in your case. The lawyer offers consultations at no cost. Use this time to ask questions and learn more about your case. You should not hesitate to file a lawsuit if it can help get your life back in order after the car accident turns it upside down.


Keep in mind that the California statute of limitations limits the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit after a car accident. It is important to reach out to a Los Angeles accident attorney as soon as possible to avoid this statute of limitations. Once the time has passed, you cannot file a lawsuit and become responsible for covering costs of your own injuries and damages. Reaching out to the auto injury lawyer quickly ensures no details are forgotten. You also get your life back on track faster when you reach out to an auto injury attorney as soon as possible.


A car accident is never an easy situation, even when you’ve been involved in a similar mishap. Each accident is unique and has a different outcome than the last, but you can still follow this general guideline to ensure the best outcome at the end of the day. Do not allow the aftermath of a car accident to shatter your life more than the event itself following this simple outline reduces stress and worry after the event. Contact West Coast Trial Lawyers if you need an auto injury attorney that fights for your rights.


Vehicle Wreckers — Less expensive Choice With regard to Automobile Components

There are many vehicle wreckers within Sydney where one can select one of the wide selection associated with automobiles which are nevertheless within top condition from significantly decreased costs. A few of the models might no more maintain operating situation however their own automobile components continue to be really functional, which you’ll use in your automobile; therefore providing an additional less expensive choice to obtaining the alternative vehicle components that you’ll require.

Fortunately which vehicle wreckers within Sydney tend to be performing every thing for your own personel comfort. Generally, these businesses may purchase rubbish vehicles possessed through those who would like these phones end up being got rid of instantly. Automobiles which are not really within great operating situation may be restored because of its functional components which are nevertheless within top condition. Therefore, these types of functional components tend to be after that eliminated to become offered from very cheap costs which are reasonable priced for you.

Therefore, in case your present automobile has already been causing a lot difficulty on the highway due to the existence associated with a number of faulty components, and it is alternative couldn’t end up being instantly carried out because of spending budget restriction, after that among the best method of obtaining the required components to obtain your vehicle operating efficiently would be to get them from among the numerous vehicle wreckers businesses which are promoting utilized alternative components which are very economical.

30 in order to 60 times guarantees tend to be actually provided by a number of businesses when the actual bought products aren’t operating. Therefore, you may even request reimbursement should you experience difficulties with it’s utilization through showing the state invoice because your own evidence of repayment. Therefore, the actual guarantee that they’re providing considerably reduces lower the danger in your expense thinking about that you’re provided a number of times allocation to make use of the actual components to ensure it’s nevertheless operating as well as operating efficiently.

Besides the fundamental areas of an automobile, you may also obtain a number of top quality utilized add-ons from really low price in your finish; for example font fluff pubs, best pubs, magazine tires, as well as a lot more. Consequently, this really is an additional methods for obtaining your own preferred vehicle add-ons whenever likely to completely add-ons your automobile.

Nonetheless, it is usually perfect to purchase completely new real components as well as add-ons for the automobile. However occasionally, we might experience many times where we now have much more essential focal points for the spending budget and also the automobile requirements immediate restore. In this instance, vehicle wreckers within Sydney existing among the less expensive choices for a person.

Proceed Professional Together with your Storage

Oh, the actual throaty roar from the motor. The actual fragrance associated with burned rubberized. The actual seem of the large prevent prepared to release a few energy… OKAY, which means this is not a person. There is nevertheless absolutely no cause to consider you cannot possess the storage of the goals even though you aren’t about the NASCAR signal. This simply requires a few persistence, know-how, along with a small expense. As well as a few shoulder oil. Storage storage space does not need to be sophisticated, this simply needs to be practical.

A great starting point is actually through evaluating your own room. Have you got the 1 vehicle storage which nevertheless must home an automobile, Have you got the multi-car storage along with among the bays free of charge,

Following think about your projects routines. Perform you love to alter the actual essential oil, turn the actual wheels, as well as alter the actual u-joints your self, Then you definitely require space to operate, and also you require room on the table by which in order to construct all of your resources.

Talking about resources, exactly how have you been arranged, Would you curently have the moving device container that should be get rid of towards the walls, Or even would you choose walls pegs,

Preparing your own storage storage space isn’t in contrast to preparing an inside redesigning work. It is extremely vital that you believe seriously as well as truthfully regarding your own routines, the things you’ve that use the area, as well as exactly how you’d rather function.

Among the objectives associated with establishing the storage store would be to help to make all of your resources as well as materials simpler to entry and also to provide them with correct storage space areas. In this manner, exactly what you are considering will be obtainable as well as will be within great restore.

Whenever you choose to begin your own storage storage space task, believe just like a Professional and you will be pleased with your alternatives.

The reason why Substitute Your car Antifreeze,

Usually I’d end up being talking about RECREATIONAL VEHICLE antifreeze accustomed to safeguard water program inside your RECREATIONAL VEHICLE or even vessel through very cold, however these days I wish to speak quickly regarding auto antifreeze. Basically had been the actual BOSS of the auto antifreeze organization my personal whole concentrate will be upon the requirement to frequently get rid of the actual coolant program as well as include brand new antifreeze towards the automobile air conditioning program.

I’d do that for 2 factors.

1) From the company perspective I’d get it done to improve income. The typical customer does not connect altering antifreeze within their automobiles such as these people connect with altering the actual motor essential oil regularly. When they had been informed upon the advantages of altering the actual antifreeze within their automobiles my personal organization earnings might rise.

Which provides me personally in order to cause quantity 2.

2) The actual coolant program associated with any kind of automobile works an essential work; to avoid heat generating motor through overheating as well as potentially appropriating upward. Whenever you do not get rid of as well as substitute the actual antifreeze regularly corrosion, size as well as deterioration may develop within the radiator as well as motor coolant pathways, and finally lead to a good too hot motor.

Let us speak one minute by what an automobile coolant program is supposed to complete. To begin with, in the event that a good motor didn’t possess means of moving heat that’s created via combustion as well as rubbing the actual warm steel components might dissolve lower as well as grab upward. Warmth how the motor creates is actually eliminated with the wear out program as well as with the air conditioning program. Just about all warmth generating parts of an interior combustion motor have to be cooled down, such as the combustion step, mind, canister wall space and also the motor prevent by itself. The way in which this really is carried out is actually through moving coolant close to these types of warmth generating regions of the actual motor. The actual coolant recommendations heat upward as well as produces high of this since it circulates with the automobiles radiator.

Drinking water will a great work helping awesome a good motor however it offers a few disadvantages. Most of all this freezes rapidly throughout chilly winter season temps. Drinking water may also trigger particular alloys in order to corrosion as well as rust with time. For this reason water inside a automobile air conditioning program is actually combined with what we should make reference to because antifreeze. Glycol antifreeze will a number of things to assist your own motor:

1) It will help to reduce the actual very cold stage associated with drinking water.

2) The actual deterioration inhibitors which are additional assist in preventing size as well as corrosion build-up within the air conditioning program.

3) It offers safety towards cooking within the warm summertime.

4) Antifreeze helps maintain the actual motor working from it’s most effective heat no matter working problems as well as outdoors temps.

Whenever we do not get rid of as well as substitute the actual antifreeze from suggested times these types of chemical substances begin to break up as well as can’t carry out the task because successfully because brand new antifreeze may. The same as utilized motor essential oil stops working as well as must be changed with regard to optimum lubrication as well as air conditioning overall performance.

The number of associated with you’ve actually observed an automobile seated across the aspect of the street along with vapor billowing from the motor area through overheating, We can’t depend the amount of occasions I’ve observed this particular. Often the reason is a result of the actual failing of the component inside the air conditioning program. If your radiator hose pipe, heating unit hose pipe, drinking water pump motor, thermostat or even enthusiast belt isn’t able the end result is definitely an too hot motor. Or even, when the coolant program was not purged and also the antifreeze changed for quite some time the end result is definitely an too hot motor. The end result is regular home inspections from the air conditioning program elements, as well as flushing as well as changing antifreeze from suggested times may include many years associated with existence towards the automobiles motor and stop unforeseen complete breakdowns.

Remember that glycol antifreeze is actually dangerous in order to people as well as domestic pets which this must be discarded correctly. You need to adhere to the rules inside your automobile customer’s guide with regard to flushing as well as changing antifreeze as well as be sure you are utilizing the correct kind of antifreeze suggested for the specific automobile.

Keep in mind, obtaining here’s said to be fifty percent the actual enjoyable! Include the automobile air conditioning program for your pre-trip examination if you do not currently consist of this.

Pleased RECREATIONAL VEHICLE Understanding,


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