Ford territory and its parts review

The Territory has its own personality and transmits a modern and technological style. It is noticeable well planted, with an interesting, solid bearing. It transmits temperament and quality through each one of the details that it incorporates. To give you an idea of ​​the Territory’s silhouette, its dimensions are configured as follows: 4,580 mm long, 1,936 mm wide and 1,674 mm high. In turn, the wheelbase is 2,716 mm

In the front area we find a large gloss black grille that is properly combined with chrome sectors, giving a three-dimensional visual. In turn, both the optics, the daytime running lights and the intermittent turning light incorporate LED technology. The robust bumpers are body color in mix with black with built-in fog lights and a metallic gray deflector appears below.

On the sides it does not lose prominence, since a rib starts from the front fender and surrounds the entire car at the height of the handles, passing through the upper area of ​​the rear lights. The voluminous fenders accompany the set providing robustness, but be careful when passing near columns because they protrude a bit from the bodywork.

An interesting detail to highlight. The third window brings light to the interior and, as it is surrounded by black, it simulates a floating roof. This contributes to the elegance of the model, although it also shows an off-road or adventurous style with the aluminum-colored luggage rack rails and the plastic inserts on the wheel arches and sides that will protect those areas when driving off the asphalt. It also has a reinforced plastic crankcase protector.

The rear area features a spoiler on the rear window with a stop light, while a chrome strip joins the headlights creating a harmonious whole in tune with the entire vehicle. The word Territory in large dimensions occupies the most preferential place on the gate. On the other hand, two simulated exhaust outlets in the rear bumper give it a sporty look and a chrome loaf that runs along the bottom of the glass surfaces gives it distinction.


Interior Design Ford Territory Titanium

The interior of the Ford Territory blew us away, for the overall quality, the spaces it brings together and the technology it features, giving it a luxurious look. It is at the height of vehicles from higher categories and in tune with the latest brand launches.

We see an interesting variety of materials, colors and inserts in a direct hit to sobriety and monotony. Fittings and terminations are appropriate. A clear example is the board that combines different textures. At the top rougher with black seams, below an imitation wood strip where the central and side bullfighters are distributed with chrome details. Continuing the tour, further down there is an area in Piano Black where the multimedia screen is located and further down a cover lined in eco-leather with gray stitching. In addition, the interior can be illuminated in 7 different colors with intensity variation.

Ambient light territory

We liked the eco-leather steering wheel very much. It includes a very nice micro-perforated leather grip area to hold it. From there you can operate the telephone, cruise control and audio equipment.

On the driver’s door, which is covered in eco-leather, with similar wood and chrome details, has a real control panel from where it can raise or lower all the windows, regulate the mirrors, lock the doors or the windows. The gear lever is in a raised position and the keys for Sport mode, parking assistant and Line Assist, among others, are located on its sides. Further back is the command to operate the infotainment system, a kind of rotary knob, and then there are cup holders and a large sector to house objects.


The 2,716 mm wheelbase gives it a large interior space, being one of the largest in the category, and can perfectly accommodate five occupants. Driver and passenger travel comfortably, although the wide seat has little lateral support. They are made of micro-perforated leather to allow the front to be ventilated and heated. The driving position is high and makes it easy to see the road ahead. In addition, the seat has different electrical adjustments and the steering wheel adjusts in depth and height.

In the rear seats there are spaces to be comfortably occupied by three adults, the only drawback being the ergonomics of the backrest for the fifth passenger since the armrest is located there. A positive point is that you can adjust the inclination of the backrest.