How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

What better way than traveling the open road than to feel the force and freedom of 2 wheels and a motor?

Picturing cinematic scenes from the halcyon days of Hollywood, it wouldn’t take long to imagine scenes from Easy Rider, a monument to the freedoms of the American Highway across route 66, exposed to the landscape and the speed of a motorcycle along a long stretch of road.

Since such depiction, the popularity of riding motorbikes has increased to become one of the most popular leisure pursuits across North America with polls suggesting a 35 % increase in bike sales last year nationwide.

Sadly, this pursuit is not without it’s accidents and the fatality rate, although mitigated slightly over the appliance of greater technologies invested in motorbikes, getting on 2 wheels remains a life gamble.

With this in mind, here are some solid ways to avoid motorcycle accidents, and ensure a safer, more pleasurable riding experience, and avoid the dangers of the road and any legal issues which may follow.

There’s no question that weather conditions would affect any object traveling at high speed. The very idea of pushing through atmosphere via a motorized vehicle with little protection in itself is an invitation to danger.

Cold weather brings ice, which of course causes layers of frozen water to settle on roads. This can be particularly dangerous on corners where the surface area of the tyre is reduced, therefore reducing the traction, which stabilizes the motorcycle and its position on the road.

Windy weather will cause an obstruction for the balance of the vehicle with its precarious centre of gravity. Rain will of course cause slippery surfaces that if not sufficiently drained can lead to water-plaining and general flood.

Bike Maintenance
Keeping a well maintained bike is essential and even art of the pleasure of motorcycles. The brake tuning and correct amount of braking fluid is vital to the brake power of the vehicle and at high speeds can make the difference of 25 to 40 metres in stopping distance. Applying this to a situation where the vehicle needs to stop could be life or death.

Of course keeping the tyre tread will enable better traction on the road and general engine service is a good habit to prolong the life of the bike.

This includes ensuring the oil is clean for its engine parts. Often overlooked is the actual function of the entire machine, for if one gets stranded on a bike in the wilderness, survival skills will need to be employed.

Travel Plans 

Always make travel plans. Planning a route, particularly in built up areas or where there’s lots of traffic will mean your mind is focused on reading the road rather than remembering where to turn off. Clear plans make for more focus driving


Respect Speed Limits 


And finally, diligence to all Highway Code practices will ensure a better and safer riding experience for you and those around you. The open road should be there for everyone wishing to find it. This takes a cooperative approach and abiding by the rules of the road to keep these public highways a place of unbridled freedom with your wheels, whether it’s 2 or 4 or more.

Be careful out there when you hit the road on your motorcycle. And be aware of the statute of limitations in Michigan to not make mistakes.