What type of paint protection is best for your car?

What is paint protection?

Paint protection or car paint protection is an invisible barrier that protects your car from damaging elements. It not only protects the paint but also the clear coat. If you are looking to have organise a car detailing service whether on your own or with a professional car detailer, it is always common to see that paint protection is a must have.

According to Car Detailing Melbourne Professional (Schmicko), “it is always essential that any paint correction performed, it is just important to protect the work than it is to correct. After all, what good is it if the paint work returns to its original problematic state a few days after fixing it?” This is where paint protection comes in after a professional car detailing session.

The coating is a polymer-based, synthetic sealant – it’s a liquid that bonds with the surface layer of your car. The sealant becomes part of the paint and doesn’t come off easily. It’s resistant to scratching, cracking, fading and other damaging elements like water and UV rays.

While some people are confused between paint protector and wax-based protectants like Armor All, Turtle Wax and so on there is a big difference between them – waxes wear out over time while coatings last for years with no visible signs of wearing out.

Now, there is no right or wrong, it really comes down to your lifestyle – there are a range of options available for all cars depending on how frequently you drive, where you park and what your budget/expectations are. As mentioned by car detailing Without further adieu, let us dive into some of the popular options after your car has been detailed.

Different types of paint protection

Car Wax

Car wax is a surface protection product that we use after washing our car. It is used to protect and restore the shine of the paint.

A car wax can be created with different kinds of ingredients, but most have silicone in them. The silicone fills in any microscopic scratches on the paint and helps to repel water from the surface.

Car Sealant

A sealant is a thick liquid that is applied to the surface of an object. It seals and protects the object from damage by water, air, or other substances. Perfect after a paint correction service during a mobile car detailing service, but of course, although ideal, polishing prior is not always mandatory.

A car sealant is a type of sealant that is applied to the surface of cars in order to waterproof it. It provides protection from dirt and other substances that may damage it.

The principle function of a car sealant is to protect cars from moisture and dirt build-up on their exteriors. This gives a vehicle one more layer of defence against the elements before it enters into its interior for storage or maintenance.

Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating/paint protection is a revolutionary way to protect your car, which is twice as effective as regular waxes. It has high performance gloss and is engineered to protect your paint from harsh conditions like weather and bird droppings. A Ceramic Coating will take your vehicle to the next level, giving you the quality and protection you need to showcase your car in all its glory. If your are looking for an even better performing nanotechnology based coating, then you definitely need to consider the Graphene or Graphene Oxide coating, which boasts more advanced properties than the ceramic coating. Nonetheless, both are fantastic options to protect your car.

In short, ceramic and graphene coatings are without a doubt the best of the lot, lasting many long durable years unlike sealants and waxes that last only a few weeks and have no level of hardness for protection against physical damage. If you are someone who commonly parks outdoors or drives often, then you cannot go wrong with a ceramic coating.