Mobile car detailing

It’s not a secret that first impressions are usually based on the appearance of a person, that’s why modern people pay a lot of attention to their appearance, trying to look perfect. With the appearance of a car it is the same, because a clean sparkling car can create a good impression about the car owner, and in contrast a dirty car can ruin an impression about its owner.

That’s the reason why car owners that care about their image, always take care about their cars and how they look. Interior and exterior detailing become an integral part of caring for the car. Apart from creating a good impression, it’s necessary to carry out detailing works to prevent some problems with car maintenance. And one more important thing is that of course for car owners it’s a great pleasure to drive a clean and tidy car.

Cleaning Art detailing center is aimed to meet all these customer needs and provide to car owners top-class service, that will take your vehicle in best conditions for a long time.

Satisfied clients are the most important part of our work, we are always available for our clients and we are always ready to make your car look like new again thanks to professional work of our detailers.

Car detailing is a vital part of car care not only because of ensuring the perfect look of a car, but also for preventing different damages that can be caused by different pollutants. We provide a wide range of exterior and interior detailing services that will provide the best car maintenance and protect vehicles paint coating.

One more advantage and need of regular car detailing is that it makes your cars roadworthiness longer, because waxing and polishing can save your paint coating in good conditions and can remove scratches, scuffs and prevent corrosion in the early stages. So, you can not only keep your car in good condition thanks to the detailing, but also can prevent your vehicle from serious damages.

The professional team of the Cleaning Art detailing center will arrive at your site at a convenient time for you and will carry out exterior and interior detailing services. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the work, because our specialists will bring with them all the necessary equipment that can allow them to carry out the same services that are in the detailing center.

Our services are suitable for either car owners who have 1-2 personal cars or a company with a vehicle fleet. We have combined the best prices and best service in one, we offer really affordable prices and guarantee the perfect result. After getting your car detailed you will not regret spending money on it, on the opposite you will be pleasantly surprised.

Don’t waste time and contact us, get free consultation from our managers and then arrange time and place where you would like your car to be detailed. Our specialists are trained enough to provide first class service and pay attention to the most difficult to achieve parts of the car. Exterior and interior works will be combined so that you can get the best result and get pleasure from your refreshed car. The thing is that not only car owners will notice changes, but also everyone around. This is because changes are going to be significant.

Apart from basic detailing services we also have a service of applying special coatings. For example, one of the most popular is ceramic coating. A lot of car owners prefer to apply ceramic coating to vehicles’ paintworks. This type of coating has a huge amount of advantages, it will protect a car from all types of damages for a long time, not for a few weeks or months.

If you are going to sell your vehicle then a pre-selling detailing service can help you a lot. Our detailers know what kind of work they should carry out to bring your car into impeccable look. Accordingly, the better the car looks, the more expensive you can sell it. From this point of view, detailing is still the necessary pre-selling procedure.

We have talked much about the advantages of detailing service for the appearance of a car, it’s time to talk about road safety, that can’t be achieved without regular car detailing. For example if something goes wrong with your headlights and they lose their full brightness, it can lead to a traffic accident, but if you trust your car to our specialists in time, they will fix the problem and cope with the task, thereby ensuring road safety.

Cleaning Art detailing center provide a full range of detailing services


  • Mobile car detailing service is available anytime of day or night
  • All kinds of exterior and detailing services Complete detailing and polishing.
  • Modern equipment and top-quality materials
  • Professional, well-trained, friendly staff
  • Reasonable prices
  • Personal approach

You still have some questions connected with Cleaning Art and providing services? Then don’t hesitate to contact us and get answers to all your questions.

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Cleaning Art is responsible for carrying out works, its results and satisfied clients. Our professional detailers are passionate about their work, that’s why they always do their work with love and care. As the main concept of our company is to meet customers’ needs and to make them happy with their car’s appearance, we guarantee quality work to all our exterior and interior mobile detailing services.

We have a great variety of packages of different prices, everyone can choose the one that suits them the most.

Cleaning Art also pays special attention to ensuring the development of friendly relations with customers. That’s why we always provide an individual approach to our customers and always try to enhance our service.

If you are looking for a detailing center, which has a professional staff that works according to international detailing standards, using exceptionally modern equipment and latest technologies, then Cleaning Art is all you need!  By contacting Cleaning Art specialists you will discover a new world of professional detailing for yourself and we guarantee that you will come back again and again!