How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident Claim?

Do car accident claims Austin Texas take long to be settled? This is a question that many people would need an answer to. An accident, especially severe ones, can cause serious car damage, personal injury, and loss of income. At the same time, the insured has a lot of bills piled up including medical bills and other considerations. So how will the insured clear his financial obligations if the insurance company takes forever to settle car accident claims?

What if the accident is the other person’s fault?

If the accident was a result of the negligent act of another driver and the other driver accepts the ruling, then you are in luck. This kind of case will be settled within just a few weeks of filing the claim. If, on the other hand, the other driver challenges the ruling and hires the service of a lawyer to defend his or her case, then expect the case to drag for a longer period. It could take months, or even years depending on the complexity of the case. In order to settle the case as fast as possible, both parties must agree so the insurance company can process the claim within the shortest time possible. Otherwise, no one will be compensated until the case has been resolved.

How fast will the libel insurer process a claim?

Depending on the circumstance, the libel insurance company may deliver faster than you imagined or take forever to process a claim. Other factors that determine their speed in dealing with a claim include service quality, competence, experience, and reputation. If you are dealing with a reputable company, rest assured that your insurance claim will be settled within a couple of weeks or 2 months, depending on the amount involved in the case. On the other hand, if you are so unlucky to deal with companies that bully parties into withdrawing the case, then it is high time you sought the services of a professional in car accident claims Austin Texas. These professionals will take up the case and fight the course till the end.

Can a lawyer speed up the claim process?

The obvious answer to this question is yes, an attorney can help you expedite the car accident claim. To see a considerable result, you may want to go with a lawyer with vast experience in handling similar cases and a high success rate. Don’t think any lawyer can handle the case, no matter how closely related they are. Every lawyer has their area of specialty so go for one who is knowledgeable about car accident claims Austin Texas. Generally, a reliable attorney can expedite the process. Using their services increases your chance of getting settlement fast.

How long a car accident claim takes to be settled depends on the circumstances surrounding it. You need to be patient while filing a car insurance claim because only then will you be guaranteed the best settlement.