Details about the London Motorcycle Training Course

Nothing provides more fun than cruising on the highway on-board a motorcycle. London Motorcycle Training can assist you acquire the skills you require if you are fascinated in experiencing the rush for yourself.


Before learning to drive a motorcycle, you have to be sure that you may legally operate one. You should be a minimum of 17 years of age. If you want to drive bigger bikes, the minimum age limit is 24 years. You need to have a basic familiarity with the Highway Code and know how to ride a regular bicycle. Lastly, you need to have an EU Driver’s Licence registered with the DVLA or a legitimate UK Driver’s Licence (including a temporary licence). For verification purposes, you will have to bring a valid photo identity ID, if you have an old license without any photo.

You may begin practicing with London Motorcycle Training once you meet the above conditions.

Step 1: Book a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course

This course is compulsory to operate any kind of motorcycle legally. It normally costs £99 to £129. Numerous drivers who lack motorcycle experience find completing this course easily on a 125cc motorised scooter. Remember, if you take the test on a motorised scooter the certification will only cover motorized scooters.

Step 2: Successfully Completing the Motorcycle Theory Test

You will take this written test at a DVSA Centre. Many free online sites provide practice exams. This allows you to understand what they are going to ask you. Therefore, to learn what you require Google “Motorcycle Theory Practice.” You need not worry, as the test is not so tough.

Step 3: Reserve Two Days of Practical Training

Finally, it is time to enjoy. You will have to pay London Motorcycle Training £175 for each day of training, which includes the bike’s cost, insurance, fuel, glove, VAT, and helmet rental. At this stage, you have to choose the type of motorcycle licence you need:

  1. A1 Light Motorcycle Licence: You should be a minimum of 17 years of age for this license. It allows you to drive 125cc automatic scooters and small motorcycles legally.
  2. A2 Restricted Licence — This license is for those who are at least 19 years old, and permits you to drive bikes that are less than 47bhp or 35kW.
  3. Unrestricted ‘A’ Licence — Permits you to drive any bike. You should be at least 24 years old.

You have the option to upgrade each licence to a higher level, so begin wherever you feel comfortable. You will be advised by your whether are ready to undertake the practical exam following this training session or if you need additional training.

  1. Take the Practical Tests

You have to start with Module 1, which comprises of “off-road” skills like emergency stops and swerving. You have to pay £15 for this test, with an additional £125 if you require a trainer to go along with you because of the size of your bike. You have the liberty of booking additional training sessions between this test and the following one.

Module 2 is the next practical test in which the examiner follows you around on your bike. You have to pay £75 for this test and an additional £125 if you require an escort.

The skilled staff at London Motorcycle Training can assist you with all of these bookings, so get in touch with them today to embark on your motorcycle journey.