How to Take Care of Your Old, Classic Car

If you are a true admirer of classic vehicles, you must be already familiar with Oldtimer Magazine. This magazine discusses and provides news related to old, classic automotive. The Oldtimer provides several categories, such as Oldtimer Asia, Oldtimers Africa, Oldtimer Europe, and many more. In this article, we will share tips on how to take care of old and classic cars.

Pay Attention to Component Conditions

Old cars are not as strong as new cars. This is why it is important for you to frequently check the conditions of your car’s component in order to avoid unwanted incidents on the road. Especially, if you still drive your old car. Check the condition of every component, such as the brake, wheels, suspension, and so on.

Regularly Change the Engine Oil

The next is about changing the engine oil. Old cars tend to be more wasteful of oil. You change the engine oil this month, you will likely have to change it again the next month. But, do not be lazy to change the engine oil because if you are, you will worsen the condition of your old car, especially the engine part.

Check the Radiator

The next thing you should be concerned when it comes to taking care of old cars is the radiator. The radiator acts as a temperature cooler on the engine. There is water in the radiator that will run out within certain periods of time. If this happens, your old car will break down when you drive it. So, always check the radiator.

Replace the Timing Belt

A timing belt is also an essential part in a old car. If the timing belt is damaged or cut, your car will not be able to move. So, it will be better if you replace the timing belt when the distance has reached approximately 40 km.

Regularly Clean Your Old Car

Besides the body, you should also clean all parts of your old car that are reachable. Try to clean your car at least once a week with a damp cloth. Avoid using a detergent to wash your old car because the chemicals contained in detergents can damage the paint of your car. Instead, use a car shampoo. Before you wash your old car, make sure there is no leaking part of the car that is prone to water. By regularly cleaning your old car, you can keep driving it with comfort for a long time.

Regularly Tune Up

In order to anticipate severe damages on the engine that will cost you more, you are suggested to regularly tune up your old car in a trusted workshop. Tune up is the process where your car’s engine will be thoroughly maintained. From checking, adjusting, repairing, to replacing components, if necessary. As you know, old cars require special maintenance and attention.

Those are the tips to take care of old, classic cars. If you want to know more about other useful tips, you can check the official website of the Oldtimer Magazine.