Tips for Filing Car Accident Claims New Orleans LA

You’ve had auto coverage since your very first vehicle. Up to now, you’ve never had to file a claim. Since someone just ran a stop sign and plowed into the side of your vehicle, the need to file a claim is now obvious. Fortunately, no one is hurt; all the damage is done to the car.

How do you go about filing a claim and getting the money to repair your car? Here are some tips that will help with filing car accident claims New Orleans LA and aid in moving past this unfortunate event.

Call the Authorities

Right now, the focus is on calling the police and reporting the accident. Why does this matter? You want an accident report on file. That report will include your statement, the statement of the other party, and the observations of the officer who evaluates the scene.

Once you’ve filed the claim with the insurance provider, they will pull a copy of the report. Doing so is helpful in determining who is at fault and which insurance provider will end up covering the costs of the repairs.

Put Your Smartphone to Good Use

While you wait for the police to arrive, do use your smartphone camera to take some images. They should show the position of the two vehicles, the layout of the street, and the damage done to your vehicle. In effect, you’re creating a digital record of what has transpired.

If the other party admits responsibility, you probably won’t need the images. In the event that there’s a difference of opinion about who caused the accident, those images could provide your insurance provider with evidence.

Contact the Insurance Provider

Even if the other party is at fault, do call your provider and let them know what’s happening. They can prepare the basics and ensure all is ready in the event that you need to make a formal claim for some reason. The service representative, will provide you with basic information about how car accident claims New Orleans LA work and what you need to do.

Many providers today are happy to accept image uploads pending the filing of a formal claim. Any images you take can sent to the email address that the representative provides.

Submit the Claim as Quickly as Possible

Even if you’re not at fault, it may be necessary to submit a claim. That will be the case if the responsible party is not covered. Once you know what the situation happens to be, file the claim with your provider at once.

Your agent may be able to take the information and file the claim on your behalf. Many auto insurance providers also utilize secure online interfaces for submitting electronic claims. By moving as quickly as you can, it’s possible to arrange for the car to be taken to a local auto shop and submit a repair quote to the provider without any delays.

If you’re involved in an accident, do your best to keep a cool head. After calling the police, put in a call to your insurance provider. The team there will help you decide what to do and ensure everything is done in order.