How AC Compressor Work?

Ningbo Anchor is the professional auto ac compressor manufacturer, we can offer you high quality and reliable service. Now let me introduce the abnormal noise of automobile air-conditioning compressors.

We can’t generalize about the problem of abnormal noise of automobile air-conditioning compressors, because abnormal noises are just performance, but there are many reasons for abnormal noises.Therefore, after abnormal noises of automobile air-conditioning compressors, we must first investigate and determine the cause Before finally finding a solution.

Let’s analyze the specific causes of abnormal noise of automobile air-conditioning compressors

Abnormal noise when the compressor is running mainly occurs in the cylinder and crankcase. The main causes of cylinder abnormal noise (knock sound) are:

1. The top of the piston collides with the exhaust valve, that is, the clearance is too small, and a “cylinder knock” phenomenon occurs. Can be increased by increasing the thickness of the gasket on the contact surface of the two

Large clearance to eliminate the “knock knock” phenomenon.

2. The valve plate of the suction and exhaust valve is damaged or broken due to serious wear, poor material and improper operation. Treatment method: replace the valve.

3. The piston ring is worn or stuck. Treatment method: replace the worn piston ring. Strengthen lubrication.

4. Compressor fluid knocking sound, crankshaft toggle, or the big head of connecting rod splashing oil produces “oil knocking” sound. Need to find out the reason and rule out immediately.

5. The tightening screw of the valve disc or the nut on the piston connecting rod is loose. Just tighten.

Analysis of the causes of abnormal noise in the compressor crankcase:

1. The gap between the connecting rod big-end bearing bush and the crank, and between the crank and the main bearing is too large, the gap should be adjusted, and the bearing bush should be replaced if necessary.

2. The amount of lubricating oil in the bearing is insufficient or impurities are mixed in the lubricating oil. Check the oil circuit, remove impurities or replace the lubricant.

3. The connecting rod nut is loose; treatment method: re-tighten.

4. The loose fit between the flywheel and the shaft requires readjustment or repair.

The abnormal noise of automobile air-conditioning compressor, in fact, there are many reasons for abnormal noise of automobile air-conditioning compressor.

It is recommended that you go to a professional location.

If it is only when the air conditioner is turned on, the possible causes are as follows:

Too much or too little refrigerant charge, the flow sound generated when passing the expansion valve; the amount of lubricating oil inside the compressor is small, and the friction caused by insufficient lubrication

Sound; the compressor produces abnormal sounds that resonate with other parts of the wheel system at a certain speed; the suction and exhaust pulses of the compressor itself are relatively large, and the generated pulses

The motion is transmitted to the air-conditioning box through the air-conditioning pipeline and amplified to produce abnormal sound.