Steps to follow when a non-injury accident happens in Las Vegas

Generally, the accidents which happen at a low speed or when there is no occupant in the acre or any vehicle. This kind of accident is called a non-injury accident. But this does not mean such accidents are non-serious and can be ignored. There are some steps that should be followed when such an incident happens and it will help a person in many ways.

Move out of the accident zone

The first and foremost step is to move your vehicle out of the accidental zone because it may create traffic and blockage. Las Vegas has passed the rule-following this step which is law 484E.20.

Document the destruction caused to the vehicle

A lot of the people are unaware of this but if one destroys or hits your vehicle then the owner of the vehicle can claim for property damage insurance. The law by Las Vegas government says that drivers should have $20, 000 in their property damage liability which is used to repair the damages caused to the vehicle after an accident.

The accidents which do not involve any injury are less questioned. The best way is to document the destruction caused to the vehicle whether it is videoing or taking pictures.

Get the information from the driver at fault

The information of the driver at fault is necessary.

  •         Name
  •         Address
  •         Phone number
  •         License number
  •         Insurance company details (name, policy number, contact number)
  •         Information of the car (model, year, license plate number, etc.)

The same information should be provided to the driver who is at fault. If the person is not available at the spot, then the driver should leave his details at a noticeable place.

  •         Find the witness to the accident

Many times there are disputes about who is at fault and who is not. This is because the person at fault has to pay to the other driver for the damages done to the vehicle. Therefore, the best way out is to find a witness to the accident. This can be helpful. Try to ask them questions about what they actually saw, get there details and information related to address, name and contact number.

File the accident

The law NRS 484E.050 states that the driver who hits the unattended vehicle must file the accident about its details. If the police officer is present at the moment, he can file the report or if not then both the drivers should file the accident within the time span of 10 days.

This step helps the police to know better about where the collision took place. On the other hand, it helps to maintain a check on the number of accidents taking place in the state.

Keep check of your feelings

The accident might appear non-accidental but keeping a check on your health might help in avoiding any severe issues. Keep a check on the symptoms like headache, pains, etc.

The other steps which are essential as well are reporting of the accident to the insurance company, estimation of the repair, negotiation about the personal injuries. On the other hand, all this cannot be handled alone which is why hiring a Las Vegas accident lawyer can be helpful. Knowing what to do can help a person act quickly & make the right decisions after being in a non-injury accident.