Things You Should Know About Windscreen Repair

The front windshield in a car is what is known as a windscreen and it’s prone to damages more than the back one. It is designed in a way that in case of an accident or a huge impact, it will not shatter into small pieces but rather break and still remains in one piece.

To gain more insights into windscreen repair we asked our nearby Parramatta windscreen repairer. Here is what they had to say.

When should a Windscreen Be Repaired Rather than Being Replaced?

There are several scenarios whereby a windscreen can be repaired instead of replacing it which is expensive but it is always best to work with your technician for advice.

  • If the damage seems to be less than 6 inches, it can be repaired.
  • If there are less than 3 cracks or chips
  • If the damage is less than a quarter in size
  • If the small damage is not obstructing your visibility

Can a Windscreen Repair Go Wrong?

If you hire an amateur to repair the windscreen, definitely something will go wrong. This is a sensitive task that needs an expert. If the appropriate tools and techniques are not used while repairing the windscreen, you will most definitely experience issues. The issues may be such as the affected area becoming yellow, shrinkage and even the windshield cracking.

What Are the Scenarios that Could Lead to Windscreen Repair?

The damage that on your windscreen could result from many things with poor installation and poor glass construction being one of them.

  • Sudden temperature fluctuations: –Sudden temperature fluctuations can lead to windscreen damaged. When this happens, it becomes too much for the windshield leading to issues such as cracking.


  • Gravel surfaces: – Gravels on the roads are a leading cause of windscreen damages. A car in front of you could throw a gravel to your windscreen leading to a crack or a chip. It’s advisable that you keep a safe distance when driving on such surfaces. Besides gravel surfaces, a construction vehicle carrying ballast and it flies to your windscreen will end up damaging it.



  • Pressure changes: – If the windscreen experiences pressure from objects or the car is at a high speed, it is highly likely that the windscreen will be damaged. This will definitely call for a repair and in worst case scenarios, a replace. Maintain a safe speed and prevent anything from pressuring the windscreen.

Sudden pressure fluctuations, pressure changes and gravel flying to your windscreen are some of the things that could end up damaging it.