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How To Carry Yourself During A Limo Ride

Limousines are luxurious and luxury comes with class. If you have never hired a limousine before you are in for fun and exciting time. Do your research when selecting a limousine hire company as they do differ in terms of prices, vehicles offered and overall service they provide. Check out previous reviews and compare prices and services offered when making your choice. In Sydney, Australia a great choice is Sydney Limo for competitive prices, awesome range of vehicles and superior service.

When you hire and ride in a limo, there is a certain way you are supposed to carry yourself. Although the main purposes of going on a limo ride is to have fun and arrive there in style, during the journey ensure that you maintain polite limo etiquette.

Don’t be Chaotic

You have probably hired a limousine with your college mates and there is plenty of alcohol. You just want to drink more and more after all you are with people you know. However much this is the case, you should drink in moderation and when you feel that you are getting drunk, stop taking more. You might end up misbehaving or being chaotic which can offend or distract the chauffeur who is at your service.

Know Where to Put the Trash

You probably carried your snacks, water, candies and drinks into the limo. Just make sure you know where to put the chocolate wrappers, plastic bottles and other trash. They should not be thrown on the floor or left lying on the seats. It’s good that you carry yourself with class and dispose the trash where it’s supposed to be.

Keep Your Stuff in Order

At times you may find passengers placing their shoes and other items on the seats. You should be responsible with your personal stuff and when alighting from the limo, ensure that you take them away with you.

Let the Chauffeur Do Their Work

When you hire a limousine, your chauffeur is at your service. They open the doors for you, they will carry your luggage, take you from point A to point B and guide you aboard. It’s important that you let the chauffeur do their work to ensure you have a smooth ride.

Follow the Company Rules

As the passenger, you should follow the rules laid out by the limo company. As you hire the limousine, understand these rules. Do they allow alcohol on board, can you smoke and what else can you not do? By following these rules, you know you will make the work of the driver easy and you will have fun comfortably.

Limousine companies are not strict with how passengers should behave while they are onboard, but it is crucial that you learn the etiquette for your own good and for the other passengers. Be organized, mind about other passengers, respect the chauffeur and follow the rules. By just doing this, you will have a great time.

Following these simple limo etiquettes will enable you to have a much better experience all round.


Tips for buying a car from a private seller

Buying second-hand cars is a widely accepted practice because of the convenience it has, and it saves on money. Shopping for a second-hand car can be a tricky task, especially if you’ve never owned a car before. It is important to carry out enough research and be prepared before you set out to meet your seller. It is important to note that not all dealers out there are legit businessmen and you might lose your hard-earned cash to some scammer if you are not careful.

The following tips should help you save some cash and minimize risks when buying a car from a private seller.

Understand your consumer rights

It is important to stay protected when buying a second-hand car in this era. You can have your lawyer go through any deal presented to you by the private seller if you do not understand it fully. Doing so will help to confirm the authenticity of the trade and protect you from scammers.

Check out the car

Having complete knowledge about the car you intend to buy is crucial. You should check out the external condition of the car, and also the internal parts to confirm whether they are the original ones. A car that’s in good condition will most probably have its stock parts. Checking out the car will also help you to know if you might be forced into doing some repair if you settle for the car. You can check out this bmw for sale by owner here.

Ask some question before buying

It is important to ask the seller why they want to sell their car. The story behind it will help you to decide whether or not to continue with the trade. You should also ask about the history of the car, has it undergone repairs, when it was last serviced, etc. doing so can help you understand how strong the car is.


Any sale has to have receipts to prove that the transaction took place. You should ask your seller for a receipt before parting ways. If in case anything comes up in the future, you will have something to prove that you legally bought the car.