5 Factors Which You Should Consider When Buying a Compressed Air System

An air compressor system is a simple machine to use. It consists of a motor which compresses air into a storage tank. Due to the latest technologies and innovations, today’s compressors are becoming increasingly effective. It’s vital that you choose a system which will suit all your needs and meet the demands of your power plant. When you find the right compressed air system, you will be in a position to take advantage of energy savings. Below are the key factors to consider before choosing a compressed air system.


  • Knowing the uses of the compressor


A good selection of a compressed air system will be made by a professional who understands the particular end uses. The professional should know the amount of moisture which each use can handle, the air brake drain valve to use and the amount of water which should be removed to reach the desired level. The expert should also know the need to use an air brake drain valve. Different applications have different requirements. Air which might be considered dry for one application may not be dry for another application.


  • The compressed air and demand-supply


It’s essential to determine the compressed air demand as this will help you to choose the right compressed air system. If you overestimate or underestimate the compressed air demand, you might end up having a system which is not efficient. There are many methods which you can use to determine the demand-supply of an air compressed system. One of the methods includes monitoring air flow by using a flow monitor. The flow monitor is used for implementing a data logger which is used for tracking the compressors activity over a specific period.


  • The quality of the compressed air


The quality of the compressed air which you need will mostly depend on the type of application you are using. The cost of compressed air usually increases depending on the quality of compressed air. Hence it’s crucial for you to get the required quality of compressed air. If there are specific areas in your compressed air system which need quality compressed air, then you should consider producing quality air only in those areas and not in the entire system.


  • Size of the air receiver


Compressed air is usually stored in an air receiver tank. When selecting a compressed air system its critical for you to also consider the size of the air receiver.


  • Energy efficiency


The energy efficiency of every piece of the equipment of your compressed air system will have an impact on the energy efficiency of the whole system, reliability and the total costs of the compressed air system.

It’s essential for you to first consider the above factors before settling down and installing the specific compressed air system. If you want to purchase a compressed air system which will work well, it would be wise if you first compared energy efficiency and the lifetime costs of the compressed air systems before you make your final decision.