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Review of the Honda 250cc

The Honda 250cc bike is a versatile machine, which seamlessly merges modern design and dependability. This review of the Honda 250cc aims to highlight all the superior features of this bike, which makes it an excellent choice. This bike has outstanding endurance, giving you value for your money. Thanks to its excellent fuel economy, you will enjoy off the road riding with this powerful bike. Invest in this classic off-road bike to get an exciting riding experience.

Specific Features

  • Power: 38.2bhp
  • Capacity: 250cc
  • Maximum torque: 22.9Nm
  • Speed: 179kmph
  • Mileage: 29kmpl

Model Information

This is an off road bike, designed to withstand aggressive road use. You can easily cope with different eventualities, thanks to the power of this bike. This bike is ideal for long distance rides because of its comfortable and ergonomic design.


The manufacturers have centrally positioned the bike’s 250cc single cylinder engine to make sure that it has a low center of gravity. Excellent fuel economy apart, the efficient fuel combustion this bike provides is quite impressive. The bike’s flat slide carburetor of this model works even when the battery of your bike is flat. The conventional choke for cold starting of this beauty makes it a reliable bike. This is an off-road oriented bike with usable power features. Its reliable and simple design allows you to solve any problems that arise when you are on the road effortlessly.


The aluminum perimeter frame makes this bike quite durable. The technology employed in the manufacturing of this bike makes sure it is durable enough to withstand aggressive road use. Its design is well up to the task to provide standard riding. There is a detachable subframe made of aluminum at the rear, which is impressive. To ensure stability the tank is positioned between the rails.


The Honda 250cc drives amazingly, and the excellence of its features is outstanding. The engine hardly generates any noise as you ride, making this bike friendly for the environment. The door seal on the bike’s air filter access makes sure that this machine copes well in deep water. The gearbox has two super smooth changes and the clutch is in good working condition.


  • Dynamic and comfortable riding characteristics
  • Capable and refined engine with usable power
  • Good commuter with outstanding fuel economy


  • Several components require upgrading


This machine is an all-rounder that drives excellently on the road. The excellent quality of its features plus the ergonomic design of this bike, offers you value for money. Honda 250cc’s durability and solid build ensures that it serves you for many years.

How to maintain your car spark plugs

A spark plug is one of the most important component of a car engine. There is an electrical energy which is transmitted into the spark plug so as to ignite the fuel which is in the combustion chamber. You should note that installing the Best spark plugs for Vortec will help in removing the heat from your engine’s cylinder and the combustion chamber.

Just like any other component found in a certain vehicle, the spark plugs of your car will eventually wear out and stop working properly. It is advisable that you check and maintain your spark plugs regularly so as to enjoy using them for an extended period of life. You should have some basic knowledge about spark plug operation, service and mantainenece measures if you want to increase the performance of your engine. This will therefore enhance your driving experience.

There are some signs that indicate that you should have a look at your engine spark plugs for damages. In most cases, a damaged spark plug will activate the CHECK ENGINE light on the information panel of your car. It is advisable that you remove the damaged spark plug and blow out the dust, smoke residues and any other foreign material that is around the base of your spark plug.

You should then identify the respective cylinder of the spark plug and find out if there are any malfunctions with the spark plug and cylinder. Use a typical solvent when cleaning the spark plug so as to ensure that you completely get rid of the paint insulation and other dirt particles. You can now use a steel brush to clean out the unwanted particles that are in the cylinder head thread. This will ensure that there is a clean contact between the cylinder and your spark plug. Install back your spark plug back to its cylinder carefully.