Main Areas Than Drifters Modify In A Car

Whether you are still a beginner straight from drift-training steisslingen, or you are already a pro, for all types of drifters, one thing is common; for a car to drift well, various modifications are crucial. Yes a car can drift without modifications but when it comes to competitions then you will definitely need some mods. Here are some of the parts that most drifters modify:

The clutch:

Some drifters buy inexpensive clutches bearing in mind that however expensive the clutch cost, you will have to replace them regularly. However, many opt for ceramic brass button because they are more durable than the rest of the clutches. These type of clutches can withstand the clutch-kick technique.

The tire:

Most drifters will tell you that they go through so many car parts but there is no part they pay close attention to than the tires. The tires one uses depends on there level of drifting technique and the terrain they are drifting from. Many competitive forums have a specific commercial tires that are approved to use in the competition. Drifters usually use different tires on the front and the back with the best ones going on the front. Due to the damage that drifting causes, most drifters opt for already used tires on the back because the likelihood of them being re-used after a competition is very slim. However, you should never underestimate the power of good tires both in the front and in the back. Grip if essential for drifters as it is the one that helps in the control and speed.

Limited slip differential (LSD)

While most cars come with LSDs, most stick differential is usually open which do not allow a sustained slide that is controlled. The clutch-type LSD allows for a constant lock-up both during acceleration and during deceleration. Other prominent differentials among drifters is the ‘spool’ differential and the welded deferential.