Factors to Consider Before You Hire a Tow Truck

Having being in the industry for all this years, I can tell you that there are a few things that I consider before I call that tow company. It doesn’t matter if there is a tow truck near me, if it doesn’t have the quality am looking for, it is just not worth it.

Some months ago, my truck stalled in the middle of the desert .Luckily there was a tow truck near me approximately a kilometer away; just a walking distance. So I beat the sand storm to inquire whether it could help me out.

Imagine my disappointment when the only tow truck near me failed to come to my rescue. So what should you consider when approaching a tow truck company?

Tire changing services

This is the most important service. A professional tow truck company should be in a position to change your tires so that you can continue with your journey.

Battery Jump start

Ironically, the tow truck near me was not able to jump start my battery. This is the most basic service that a reputable company should be able to offer. Their excuse, they forgot their cable in the office.

Fuel Delivery

I know that this a cliché but truth be told, at times fuel just runs out. Maybe you used too much power on the highway or you burnt lots of fuel it in a traffic jam. All in all one should always measure the amount of fuel they require.

Anyway, imagine the shock when I realized that the only tow truck near me could not deliver fuel to me. Making matters worse I couldn’t siphon from the truck as I use petro and it uses diesel.

Years of experience have taught me that a tow truck near me is not always a good thing. At times it can be a dog without a tooth {no pun intended}.

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