Five Smart Questions to Ask When Buying Used Cars

The cost of living in the USA is steadily increasing. That is a fact. And because the prices of everything we need to live are ballooning, it is but natural to take steps to reduce spending, or at least to shift to wiser expenditures.

The bouts of economic inflation significantly impact the automobile industry. The prices of cars, as well as car repair and maintenance services, are expected to increase in the days to come as well. If you are planning to buy a pre-owned car, here are five questions to ask any car dealer to make sure you are getting the wisest purchase.

Where did the car come from?

Used car dealerships in Utah, Nevada, and other states are the hub of car sellers and resellers. Cars on display come from various sources, ranging from auctions, car rentals, to trade-in vehicles of new car dealers.

Knowing the origin of the second-hand car you are planning to buy gives you an idea of maintenance history and how the vehicle must have been used during its previous ownership.

Did the dealer repair or maintain the car?

A car sits in a lot for weeks and even months after the car dealer has acquired it. During then, the car dealer may have opted to schedule it for repair or maintenance. Ascertain whether or not the car dealer has done any service on the car so you can get an estimate on future costs once you purchase it.

Do they allow you to take the car for a test drive?

Taking the car out on a test drive is very important. If the car dealer disallows this, it might be a red flag you would walk away from.

A test drive gives you a hands-on chance to see any damage that might have been previously hidden. It also lets you see if the car is functioning in a way you can work with or otherwise.

Do they sell demo cars?

Most new car dealers resell their demo cars—or the new cars that they let buyers test drive. A demo car is the closest you can get to a new car because it is virtually unused save a few hundred kilometres, and it will be sold for a fair price because all new cars depreciate the moment they are driven, regardless of mileage.

Does the car dealer offer discounts if you pay in full?

Some used car dealerships in the US offer discounts to buyers who pay in full—and a few thousand dollars that will be slashed off the price compared to paying in instalment might be a good deal for you, so consider asking about it.

If you cannot pay in full regardless, they might still offer discounts if you offer to pay the down payment in cash.

A wise buyer

Living in an increasingly expensive world should motivate anyone to be more knowledgeable in their purchasing patterns. Simply asking smart questions and doing research before closing in on a deal are simple ways to save big.