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Best Driving Lessons in Newcastle

Drive safely with the help of our fantastic driving instructor newcastle. Other regions where we offer our comprehensive driving courses include; North Tyneside,
Gateshead, South Shields and the surrounding areas. We offer Pass plus Driving Lessons, Learner Driving Lessons, Intensive Driving Tuition, just for you.

Contact us and you will have a comprehensive guideline on how to go about our driving tuitions. Our Passport Driving School offers a personal, tailored and professional driving course that turns your dreams into a reality.

Our Driving school has professional male and female instructors who are up to the task of ensuring that you get the best of services that we offer. We pride ourselves to offer Continued Professional Development which keeps you with up-to-date matters on driving legislations, professional driving skills, and adhering of regulations stipulated on the road.

You will excel to what you want to be with the help of our professional driving trainers. Mr. David Evans is one of the renowned driving instructor trainers who are qualified to receive the highest degree of ORDIT registration.

This should make you believe that we provide detailed and professional driving courses and practical experience. We deliver a standardized and the most consistent and in-depth driving courses too.

Our team of able instructors will help you obtain the practical aspect of driving lessons. After you are through with our driving tuitions, you will be certified by Approved Driving Instructor as a go ahead to your professional career.

We guide you on how to drive a car. By the end of the driving course, you will obtain a certificate to be a driving instructor, or Driving Instructor Theory Test, whatever you choose to do in your career. You will now be in a position to train others too.

Young driving professionals who had past their standard driving test are given Pass plus Courses to enhance their experience.

Why paint protection is important for your vehicle

Paint protection for your vehicle is very important.  Vehicles, whether they are used or brand new cost a lot of money and are one of our second biggest purchases that we make in a lifetime and they can be a major investment.  Therefore, you will want to look after your pride and joy for as long as possible. If not the resale value of your vehicle will be decreased immensely too.

Paint protection is a great investment to protect against road salt and the weather elements amongst other things.  It will make a difference to the appearance of your vehicle and it will save the driver from having to also wash and wax the car so often too.  It will protect your vehicle for years to come and will keep the vehicles market value with good paintwork intact.

Any top coatings of wax and oil etc must be removed properly from the car first.  Incorrect application can often result in swirl marks and scratches which would then be very difficult to remove. If it is applied over chemicals that are harmful, insects that have been squashed on your paintwork etc, the treatment will seal everything in which could then potentially cause more damage to your vehicle. Most cars paint work will fade and deteriorate over time though.  A paintwork protection product though will help immensely against all the above from happening.

Car dealers will often offer you paint protection when you buy your new vehicle possibly allowing you to include it in a finance option too.  As with most things you can get various options and various prices for paint protection. The most important thing though is to get the protection applied by a professional as the performance and durability comes down to the application of the product.

Nano Ceramic Technology

Unlike some other paint protection products which need additional applications, nano ceramic technology bonds to the vehicle meaning you only need one application, it will not wash away or breakdown over time. Darren from Supremecoat said “Ceramic coating also has hydrophobic qualities. This means that any liquids that come into contact with the vehicle, will just bead up and roll of, along with any dirt or grime.” But it isn’t just protection from liquids, it also has other environmental benefits. UV rays from the sun can cause paintwork to fade or oxidise over time but because of it’s bonding technology a ceramic coating can reduce the effects of oxidisation. It’s not wonder so many motorists are turning to a nano-ceramic option for their vehicle.

Whichever protection you consider for your vehicle you need to really think about what an investment it would be for your vehicle.   Many people would pay a lot to keep their vehicle looking as pristine as when it came out of the showroom.