Brilliant Ideas for Group Motoring Adventures

Travelling by car with a group of friends can be a wonderful way to explore or simply a way to reach a holiday destination. If you’re all travelling within the same vehicle, it is simple to keep things fun and entertaining. The challenge comes if you’ll be using separate cars. Inspired by the fun group adventures enjoyed by classic car and motorcycle clubs, here are ways you and your friends can have a great journey to your destination or simply entertaining scenic drives. These can be great ways to keep everyone happy if the people in your group don’t all share the same love of the open road.

1. Scavenger Hunt

You may think of scavenger hunts as taking place around your neighbourhood but road trips can be the perfect time. Have one team of scavengers per vehicle and give them each a list of items or sights to collect. The easiest way is to have them take pictures of the items on their list as they find them. Keep things interesting by creating a challenging list and assigning a different number of points for the various items on the list. Provide a deadline for when all teams have to reach the end point so that you’ll reward teams that are more strategic in their choices in the items to collect. Once everyone checks in at your final destination, you can review all the pictures together and calculate the points for each team.

Scavenger hunt items can be as general as “cow” or include particular types of plants or buildings. They can be as specific as individual scenic landmarks or towns along the way. To make it more interesting, have people include their team members in the picture with each item on their list. Your scavenger list can also include collecting pictures of teams completing activities like eating cookies from a specific bakery or standing in the middle of a village’s fountain.

2. Number Plates

Each car or person in your group can try to spy as vehicle number plates from as many different locations as possible. This can be a fun activity to help keep children entertained during a long drive. You can even use it as a way to encourage them to learn more about different countries and regions.

3. Rally Route

You can have set points for each car to visit on the way to the final destination. Stopping at a specific restaurant can be a good way for the vehicles in your group to catch up if they become separated in traffic. Then everyone can enjoy a meal, beverage, or pitstop together before resuming the journey.


Create bingo cards for each person to play. Each bingo square should include one item to try to see along the way. From a horse and buggy to a church or road signs, list various things they should try to spot. Ideally, the cards used by each person should have the items arranged differently. That will make it more exciting to see who gets a bingo first, even if everyone sees the same things during the drive. Another option is to simply create a list of items to see along the way and then the winner will be the person or team who spies the most items on the list.

5. Sing-a-Long

Singing songs together is a classic part of any road trip. Thanks to modern technology, you aren’t limited to singing with the people within your vehicle. Use your phone’s Bluetooth technology to enjoy a sing-a-long with other cars. Another option is to have the occupants of the cars take turns singing or make a competition of it.