Las Vegas’ Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Don Forman Redefines Doing Business

For a person who has numerous business accolades under his belt, Las Vegas’ Don Forman is showing the world what it is really like to do meaningful business. The Tustin Nissan dealer has taken it upon himself to give back to the community by being partners with FOX5 Surprise Squad. This philanthropic work of the car boss has touched and changed lives.

In one occasion, he and the rest of the Surprise Squad gave an unexpected yet pleasant gift to a very young family who is struggling with the medical bills of their son. While the family is deep into facing the problem, they experienced a break into their car where they lost some personal things including the power tools that dad David Amaya is using to earn a living as a maintenance man.

The Amaya family has a second son named Ezekiel whose heart, liver, and some other organs are partially outside of his body. Amid their struggles with their son’s medical condition, they became unfortunate victims of theft leaving the dad scrambling to borrow tools for work.

Don Forman’s United Nissan stepped in to provide them with a $5,000 family fund to help them out with their expenses. The money aims to ensure that the family gets what they need at the time when they need it.

Speaking about his whole experience with the FOX5 Surprise Squad, David Amaya said,“We never got so much help before. It’s pretty emotional for us.”

“It’s surprising to know that there is people out there that … actually, care for us,” added his wife, Desteny.

In yet another emotional and unforgettable episode of the show, FOX5 Surprise Squad surprised a man helping communities and families heal from the brutal loss of a loved one.

Greg Zanis of Crosses for Losses has been making crosses for areas where tragedy struck in order to mourn and, more importantly, to celebrate the lives lost. The carpenter from Illinois has made crosses for victims of a number of tragedies including the Las Vegas shooting, dubbed as the deadliest mass shooting in the US, where 58 individuals were killed.

While delivering the crosses to Las Vegas, Mr. Zanis was using his almost 20-year-old truck to transport the items. His efforts did not go unnoticed. He then got the surprise of his life from Don Forman and FOX5 Surprise Squad when United Nissan gave him a brand new Nissan Titan XD.

“Words are not enough to describe how appreciative we are for the love you’ve shown for our community,” said Don Forman.

The Las Vegas-based philanthropist added, “And although our hopes are for you to never travel to another city in the wake of a tragedy, from our family at United Nissan and FOX5 Surprise Squad, we want to present you with this new truck.”

Las Vegas’ Don Forman has indeed fully comprehended and appreciated what a true meaningful business is all about. It is about engaging in partnerships like what he has with FOX5 Surprise Squad to give back and share to those who need and deserve them the most.