An Insider’s Guide to the AJBAN Class of Military Vehicles

Engineered for multiple defense purposes at 9,000-kilogram capacity, the AJBAN Class of 4×4 vehicles ranges from utility vehicles to fully protected patrol vehicles.

A universal 4×4 chassis is utilized for a common logistic basis to minimize maintenance, training and spare parts management. All vehicles in the AJBAN Class can be suitably fitted as per the specific user’s requirements. Specific armed models are equipped with thoroughly tested and certified cabins for higher crew survivability.

Here is an insider’s guide to four of the AJBAN class of military vehicles.


The AJBAN LRSOV was presented to the public during the 2015 IDEX conference. Featuring a fuel tank capacity of 180 liters and a maximum cruising range of 700 kilometers, this fierce military vehicle reaches a maximum road speed of 110km/h. It can also support self-sustaining missions for up to two weeks.

Incredibly, the AJBAN LRSOV is light enough that it can be transported by helicopter, enabling military personnel to covertly use it across various terrains and environments. This long-range reconnaissance vehicle can move four crew members (with an optional fifth seat) at the same time.

The AJBAN LRSOV’s armament includes a roof-mounted machine gun that can be swiveled 360° in mere seconds — a major element of success and survival. The AJBAN LRSOV is often used in missions taking place in harsh desert conditions, and which involve reconnaissance, border surveillance, patrol, logistics support, as well as command and control.


The AJBAN VIP armored military vehicle is designed with discrete blast and ballistic protection and can be seamlessly combined with other AJBAN support vehicles during convoy assignments. As the VIP version of the series, this particular model comes with a wide range of interior options that enable them to be customized to meet the highest standards and preferences of the most discerning clients.

In addition to providing the crew with high-end commercial comfort, the AJBAN VIP also integrates fire-suppression systems, an over-pressure system for chemical and biological protection, a night vision camera system, full 360-degree situational awareness, and the latest tactical communication systems.

For all these reasons, the AJBAN VIP is the primary vehicle for ensuring the secure movement of dignitaries and VIPs through hostile and adverse environments.

3. AJBAN 440A

Designed with only the harshest environments and the most onerous of missions in mind, the AJBAN 440A is equipped with the most advanced technologies in ballistic and blast protection.

The modular design of the AJBAN 440A gives it the capability to be tactically set up for a variety of assignments:

  • CBRN defense
  • Command and control
  • Combat
  • Patrol
  • Reconnaissance
  • Surveillance
  • Transportation

Strategically set up the roof of the vehicle is a remotely-operated turret on a ring mount that can be armed with a range of weapons – usually a 12.7mm heavy machine gun.

For the safety of the personnel housed inside it, the AJBAN 440A has a facility that can be fitted with eight smoke grenade launchers and an RPG protection net for rocket-propelled grenades. It also has an overpressure protection system to safeguard the crew from all sorts of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats.

With the ability to climb grades of 60 percent, traverse through 1-meter-deep waters, reach a maximum speed of 110km/h and operate in temperatures ranging from -19°C to 49°C, this sure is one advanced military vehicle!


The AJBAN Internal Security Vehicle (ISV) is an internal security, riot and crowd control personnel carrier engineered for fast deployment. It can move up to ten fully equipped troops in all weather conditions, both on and off the road.

Designed with a military grade armored cabin, this incredible vehicle can endure ballistic threats, as well as other risks that are possible in riot situations. The AJBAN ISV meets the highest level of military standards, and can be kitted out with a broad array of non-lethal crowd control systems and mission equipment.

As defense technology is continuously developing and expanding, so too are the pieces of equipment that military forces around the world are utilizing on a daily basis. The AJBAN Class of 4×4 vehicles is a testament to this exciting and ongoing evolution.


Miles Chambers

Senior International Business Development and Sales Manager, NIMR Automotive LLC

Miles Chambers joined NIMR Automotive in October 2016 as Senior International Business Development and Sales Manager. In this capacity, Miles oversees NIMR Automotive’s expansion to Global markets, particularly into Europe and Southeast Asia. In addition to his responsibilities at NIMR Automotive, Miles is the Chairman of the Azerbaijan-South Africa Chamber of Commerce.