Why the California T is one of the best Ferraris?

When Ferrari designed the new California T they thought about everyone. From car enthusiasts to grandmas, this car is perfect for everyone. It’s fast, has a great handling and it doesn’t lack power. You won’t feel like you are behind the wheel of a supercar when you are trying to park, but you will definitely feel it when you are on the highway. If you want to feel how it’s like to be behind the wheel of this car visit Blue Chip Car Hire and hire a Ferrari California T.

It’s driving position is one of the most comfortable diving positions on every car ever made. You can adjust everything to fit you. From the seat to the steering wheel everything can be put exactly where you want to. The seats are extremely comfortable and you will not feel sore even after spending an entire day driving.

Even if you have a turbocharged V8 engine under the hood it won’t break your neck. In the first turbocharged models Ferrari built there was an unexpected explosion at certain rpm. In this car, you can be sure that the power provided by the engine is delivered smoothly to the wheels.

The stability and handling of this car will amaze even an inexperienced driver. You won’t have to fight with the steering wheel ant every corner, and you will have full control at every moment. The car is extremely well balanced and it’s extremely agile. Hire a Ferrari for a day and convince yourself that it’s one of the easiest sports cars to handle.

The suspension on this car is one of the best on any sports car. You will feel extremely comfortable even when you will drive on bumpy roads. You can set the suspension to different modes, and you will feel like you are floating above the ground in Confort mode. Your ride will be smooth and comfortable and you will enjoy every moment of it.

From comfort to power, everything on this car is fitted for you. You will know this after you will drive it. Now it’s the perfect to hire a performance car from Blue Chip Car Hire. Visit their website and reserve the Ferrari California T for the best driving experience you will ever have. Their car fleet includes some prestige cars that are waiting to be driven by you.