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5 Things You Must Know When Getting Wi-Fi For Your Car

In-car internet is a modern convenience that is quickly becoming a necessity. The benefits are far-reaching including better entertainment, improved communication, better navigation systems, by-the-minute traffic updates, vehicle performance stats, etc. But there are certain things you need to know before you decide to hop on the bandwagon.

Your choice determines the extent of convenience

There are a number of methods of getting Wi-Fi in your car, ranging from using your smartphone as a hotspot to purchasing a car with internet connectivity as an integrated feature. Most people assume and expect that they will get the same level of convenience as long as they have Wi-Fi installed in their car. In truth, some methods of connectivity are more limited than others. For instance, when using a smartphone, only the internet enabled features such as internet radio and navigation will function in the car. If you want full integration with the vehicle’s systems, your best option is buying the car with pre-installed internet features from the manufacturer. These are linked to the car’s computers and allow you to monitor the car’s systems and performance, such as checking the battery level or even running engine checks from the laptop or tablet.

Safety should be a major concern

Modern car manufacturers argue that the cars are secure from hackers because the on-board computers operate in a completely closed network; the Controller Area Network (CAN bus). However, installing Wi-Fi into your car provides a way for hackers to gain access to the CAN bus and gain control of your vehicle’s electronic systems. This concept was proven when a Jeep was hacked by a team of researchers through its Wi-Fi. If you’re thinking of getting Wi-Fi for your car, you should also consider installing cybersecurity measures such as a VPN and antivirus software.

Expect increased data costs

Regardless of the method you use to install Wi-Fi in your car, you should expect increased data costs. Since every internet-enabled system in your car will link to the same network, you will go through your data plan pretty fast. Although the increased cost is inevitable, the extent of the increase is dependent on your data provider. That is why it is important that you choose your data provider wisely and after much consideration.

Connectivity is not always guaranteed

This is yet another reason, choosing your data provider carefully is important. As you know, there are regions that get limited connectivity. How often you become a victim of such instances is again, dependent on the data provider. Even more so, you have to be careful about the strength of the data signal. Some providers guarantee 4G connectivity but limit it to select regions, leaving you with 3G connectivity most of the time.

Consider system accessories and upgradeability

These are two different but equally important considerations. First is how well your accessories work with the new Wi-Fi installation. For instance, if you decide to use a smartphone you will need sustainable charging. Another example is handsfree tech you’ll need for communication.

When it comes to upgradeability, keep in mind that mobile technology moves pretty fast. In a few years, there’ll be something much faster and more reliable than 4G networks. That is why you need to consider whether the system you install is upgradeable. For example, upgrading a fully integrated system requires the manufacturer’s involvement and might turn out to be impossible. On the other hand, all that’s needed to upgrade a dongle or MiFi device is to buy another one.

The Takeaway

Your choice of a data provider, the method of installation and the security of the car after installation are all things that determine your level of comfort or discomfort when getting Wi-Fi for your car. Making well-informed decisions about this could save you a lot of money and heartache in the future.

3 Factors You Need To Consider for Best Car Rental Service You Can Get

Do you want to use car rental service? If you do, what kind of service you want to get? Of course, the answer would be the best service you can find. However, finding best car rental service isn’t easy. You need to choose the service that can give you everything that you need and give you full satisfaction.  In order to find this kind of service, there are several things that you need to consider.

Car Types

First is the car type. The car rental service must have many different car types. Why? With many car types they have, that means they have more experience in providing many different services for different type of customer. So, you can see them as one of the best in this industry with this kind of ability. One of good example we can use here is airport limousine toronto. This car rental service provide car for those who want to have trip or moving round in Toronto area. And, the car types that they provide are many. You can get sedan, SUV and even stretch limousine. More than that, the car model for each types are the high class model, which give you best comfort that you can’t get from standard car rental service. With so many car types they are provided, you also can use it for different purpose. You can get car for journey by yourself or having enough space for you and your friends with bigger car type.


Of course, this is the most important thing you need to consider. Cheap price is good choice, because you can save more money. However, most of car rental service with cheap price usually has many addition prices behind it. Plus, they also charge it by using the distance you travel with their car. So, you need to be careful when you choose the price for their service. Or, you can use car rental with flat rate, Airport Limo Toronto.

Flat rate has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are you will know how much price you need to pay. So, you don’t need to worry about the price that suddenly becomes expensive, because you need to take another route for your journey. However, the disadvantage of the flat rate is the expensive basic price. Compared to standard rate method, the basic price is much higher. However, if you calculate it, you will know that you are actually saving more money with the flat rate service. So, do not hesitate to use them.

Extra Services

Extra services here, means a lot. You can get many additional services that will give you more benefits and money to save. For example, if you use their service, you also can get chauffeur service. So, you don’t need to drive the car by yourself. Or, you also can get and order any service that you want from their website. Online booking service here will save your time and money. So, you must consider those 3 important factors to get the best car rental service.

The Basics of Auto Mechanics Explained

It can become difficult for you if you don’t know the basics of auto repairs. Since mechanics have their own lingo and tools at their disposal, this scares of people. Anything which is alien or of which you don’t know the use, you are bound to feel a little intimidated by it.

The good news is that these basics can be learned. And whether it be routine or emergency maintenance work these basics can come in quite handy.

Auto Repair Essentials

Mostly mechanics employs tools that make your car up and running again. But if you were to own them you can learn those essentials. These tools are and are beginner’s tools really, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and a pair of channel locks.

Also, you should have a jack, penetrating oil and some safety gear and you are all set to take care of the repairs yourself. Initially you’ll have to trips to a parts store but with a handful of repairs you will have your garage full.

You can also seek to acquire a decent car manual. If the manual is tailored to your model of the car, that’s even better. This way you will learn about every nook and cranny of the car such as some of the special functions or techniques that you ought to adopt to get that maximum out of your car.

Cars are more or less the same, however different models and makes tend to work differently. So while manual full of generic tips might do but a specific manual will enable you to perform repairs in an informed fashion.

If you are on a budget, purchase Japanese used cars auction online parts. There is a risk though. What if the part is not in sync with your car? If that is the case then this may cause you to spend more money than you initially did and was planning to avoid in the first place.

In an Emergency

So what if it’s an emergency and you have to say replace a blown out tire? Or you insert key into ignition but your car wouldn’t start? Therefore, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with how to jump start a dead battery because asking for a towing service, will again cost you money.

If there is no option but to call a tow truck, try calling someone from your friends or family to help you in that scenario. Learning how to tie tow straps can also come in handy as you can prevent your car from being damaged and keep others safe too in the process.

Diagnosing Common Problems

If there is some fluid leakage, you can identify what’s leaking by looking at its color. Green or pink it’s the coolant, yellow means power steering fluid and transmission fluid is red in color. Simply take a paper towel and place it over the leak.

If the smoke is of white, blue or black color then your exhaust need repairs. It could be a problem with either engine valves or head gasket and similar common problems can be diagnosed with interest, practice and time instead of visiting the mechanic. Other DIY repairs may include changing headlight bulb and the likes thereof which you should know of.

How to Prepare For Your Sprayed on Truck Bed Liner

  • What You’ll Need
  • Rags
  • Thick bristled nylon paintbrush
  • Spray truck bed liner
  • Soft detergent
  • Water
  • Steel wool
  • Paint sprayer
  • Tack cloth
  • Masking tape
  • Disposable paint tray

A truck bed liner is a excellent addition to any truck. If you would like to increase the value of your automobile, shield the bed liner or want to decrease sound then a truck bed liner is a safe wager. Very seldom is a truck bed liner covered by a warranty either by the truck maker or the maker of this truck bed liner. The truck bed liner can break, scratch and chip once it dries. You’ll need to repair the truck bed liner yourself in many cases and this article will explain how.

Measure 1 – Surface Preparation

In order to receive a fantastic bond with the truck bed liner you will need to begin with a clean surface. Put your truck in a place that’s well lit and protected from the elements. Mix a small amount of the mild detergent with the water just until it is somewhat rancid. Dip a rag from the soapy water and scrub down the truck bed liner and then dry off using a dry towel. If the region you are repairing is broken into the metal and rusting then apply the steel wool to remove the rust along with the tack cloth to remove the dust. Also use the steel wool to scuff up the surface of the region around the damage. This allows the spray on liner to grip to the older liner.

Measure 2 – Filling Large Breaks

Repairing a sprayed on truck bed liner is rather easy to do. A large area which has to be repaired takes no time in any way. Read the instructions on the paint sprayer thoroughly before using it as every one may differ in the way they’re used. Use a paint sprayer which needs an air compressor since the pump fashion of sprayer might not have the power sufficient to properly spread the truck bed liner. Use masking tape to tape off place that you do not want to spray. Fill the paint sprayer with the truck bed liner material and, following the program directions on the product, apply it to the present truck bed liner. Spray the liner 1 or 2 inches over the authentic repair site in order to allow the liner to wash and attach into the older liner. This can help preserve the potency of the truck bed liner. Allow the truck bed liner fix for at least 2 to 3 days.

Step 3 – Fixing Surface Cracks and Scuffs

Do not be worried about using a paint sprayer for these tiny tasks since the application is a lot simpler. Pour on the truck bed liner material into a disposable paint tray. Dip the brush into the truck bed liner cloth and lightly dab it over the scuffs that you would like to repair. If you are coping with small fissures then let the brush hover over it to allow the substance to trickle between the cracks. Allow the substance cure for three or more days.

Why the California T is one of the best Ferraris?

When Ferrari designed the new California T they thought about everyone. From car enthusiasts to grandmas, this car is perfect for everyone. It’s fast, has a great handling and it doesn’t lack power. You won’t feel like you are behind the wheel of a supercar when you are trying to park, but you will definitely feel it when you are on the highway. If you want to feel how it’s like to be behind the wheel of this car visit Blue Chip Car Hire and hire a Ferrari California T.

It’s driving position is one of the most comfortable diving positions on every car ever made. You can adjust everything to fit you. From the seat to the steering wheel everything can be put exactly where you want to. The seats are extremely comfortable and you will not feel sore even after spending an entire day driving.

Even if you have a turbocharged V8 engine under the hood it won’t break your neck. In the first turbocharged models Ferrari built there was an unexpected explosion at certain rpm. In this car, you can be sure that the power provided by the engine is delivered smoothly to the wheels.

The stability and handling of this car will amaze even an inexperienced driver. You won’t have to fight with the steering wheel ant every corner, and you will have full control at every moment. The car is extremely well balanced and it’s extremely agile. Hire a Ferrari for a day and convince yourself that it’s one of the easiest sports cars to handle.

The suspension on this car is one of the best on any sports car. You will feel extremely comfortable even when you will drive on bumpy roads. You can set the suspension to different modes, and you will feel like you are floating above the ground in Confort mode. Your ride will be smooth and comfortable and you will enjoy every moment of it.

From comfort to power, everything on this car is fitted for you. You will know this after you will drive it. Now it’s the perfect to hire a performance car from Blue Chip Car Hire. Visit their website and reserve the Ferrari California T for the best driving experience you will ever have. Their car fleet includes some prestige cars that are waiting to be driven by you.