How to Maintain Your Mini

The Mini Cooper is a pop culture icon that began in the sixties. Skyrocketing to popularity when new ones were released in the early 2000’s, the Mini Cooper became available in America after the Cooper era came into effect. A popular dream car for many young women and anglophiles the Mini is not the most difficult car to maintain but without proper knowledge your car could end up in the shop a lot sooner than you want it to. Here is a list on how to maintain your Mini

The first step in the maintenance of any car is knowing what indicates that you may have a problem. Pay attention to all the normal warning signs. Weird noises and flashing lights are just two of the possible indications that your car has a problem. When you hear a noise coming from the engine take your car in for a check up. It may not be anything but as far as car safety is concerned, being fully aware of what is going on is important. The more you know the more you will be prepared to deal with trouble and get the best care you need. Mini’s have a tendency to need a lot of attention so monitoring your car is a first step in giving it what it needs to last a long time.

After BMW took over the Mini, the Mini has gone by a specific maintenance schedule. Sadly the specific schedule is tough to come by and they prefer you to listen to your car and go by what the computer says. Since this is the case, make your own schedule. Regular check ups and oil changes can help you stay on top of what you car needs to remain in its best conditions.

While checking your car’s oil remember to check other areas of your Mini that might need fluid. Your windshield wipers may need to be refilled after a lot of use through the winter and fall. Keeping it full during the summer will keep your windshield clean. Paying attention to your brakes, the way they feel and the sound they make will not only keep you safe and your Mini will get the fix it needs in a timely fashion.

Keep the outside of your car looking as shiny and sleek as possible. Wash your car regularly and take seasons and weather into account. If you are able to place your car in a garage do it. That way hail can’t damage the roof of your car and wreak havoc on your car’s paint job.

To keep your Mini looking like the icon it is be, sure to stay on top of the maintenance it requires to stay in the best shape. No detail is too small. Scheduled maintenance and regular washes, and checkups can keep your Mini in the same condition as when you got it. Remember that checkups are never useless and that maintaining a proper schedule will allow you to know if something is wrong with your car and after every check up your car will run as if were new again.

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