What Makes Our Towing Company the Best in Jerome ID

We know what you are thinking, and it’s true: Our drivers are certainly the best looking in the city. Even though that’s true, it isn’t the only thing that makes our towing company better than our competition. We are also the strongest! Virility and manly physique aside, there are three things you should know about Jerome towing company which blows our competition out of the Snake River water.

1. Best Prices

Man, I’m really glad they ripped me off and lied to me,” said no one ever. Unfortunately, this is what commonly happens when people don’t hire us for their tow job, and they end up feeling gypped and unwilling to consider a tow the next time they find themselves in a tough spot. We offer the best towing prices in Jerome for the services we provide, and we don’t have hidden charges you unexpectedly find on your invoice.

2. Best Drivers

Our drivers are more than just easy on the eyes – they are also professional, kind, and Wreck Master certified. This means that when we show up on the scene, you know you are working with an experienced and competent tow truck driver that you can trust.

3. We Work with Your Insurance

We work with all kinds of insurance companies to work out payments, claims, and associated cost of your tow. We are a trusted AAA company too, meaning those who are members of AAA can call us directly and let us sort out all the payment with AAA ourselves. We also accept all forms of payment.

Get Towing Today

Remember what sets us apart if you ever find yourself in need of a tow. We have years of knowledge working in the towing industry to bring you excellence quickly and whenever you need it. Don’t hesitate and call us today.