What makes a great driver?

Nearly everyone thinks they have an above average level of driving skill. Until recently, you just had to take people’s word for it when they boasted about what a great driver they were. Employers, in particular, had little idea of how their vehicles were being driven unless an offence was committed.

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All that has changed with the arrival of driver recording systems and vehicle tracking. Now there’s evidence of how well someone drives and you can even get reduced insurance if you agree to have a recording system in your car – https://www.ft.com/content/894c3f5e-786c-11e7-a3e8-60495fe6ca71. Dashcams are increasingly popular with members of the public, and professionals such as taxi drivers too.

All of these developments are making people a little more realistic about how good a driver they actually are. So what are the key attributes of a great driver?


The primary thing good drivers need to know about is the car they’re driving. What are its braking abilities? How much grip do the tyres have? Does it have modern aids such as traction control? The answers may seem obvious but an astonishing number of drivers on the roads have simply bought a car, climbed in and driven off without ever properly finding out how that particular make and model works. And knowing ourselves is also vital. Drivers need to be aware of their limitations. How good is your night vision? How likely are you to be distracted by children, dogs or passengers in the car? How often do you drive when very tired? What are the signs that you might fall asleep at the wheel? Don’t forget that a tracking system http://www.vehicle-accessories.net/Driver-Recording-Systems always tells the truth.

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With modern cars, skill is really not the key to driving well. They are designed to make everyone safe on the road and are packed with technology that can go a long way to making up for an unskilled driver. More important can be the specific skills that people develop when they have a lot of experience of driving in certain conditions. People in the south of England rarely have to drive in snow, whereas those in the north do so more frequently and are probably better at it.


The most important attribute of a good driver is a relaxed, safety-conscious, alert and forgiving attitude. Without it, skill and knowledge are of little use.