Travelling with Pets – Major Lifehacks

You are just about to set off for a road trip, and there are lots of things to mind for sure: good tyres, emergency and first aid kits, packing your bags… But if you are travelling with your pet ‘on board’, you have to prepare even more carefully, as you are responsible for ‘what you have tamed’. Here are some lifehacks that will make your road trip more comfortable and predictable.

If you are going to stay in a hotel, opt for the one that charges only a one-time pet fee.

Most of the hotels aren’t pet-friendly and usually charge cleaning fees or daily fees if you stay with your pet. Just make sure that your pet is more than welcome. Be a tidy tenant yourself; bring a squeegee and clean the carpet or a sofa in your room after your cat or dog left their hair there.

If you rent a car, vacuum it before returning

The car rental company won’t mind about driving with a cat or dog, but make everything possible to protect the car’s interior from cat/dog hair. Use blankets to cover seats and clean the car properly afterwards to avoid paying a fee for the mess.

Bring smart pet travel accessories

A spill-proof bowl will let you water your dog without pulling over while a special car organiser will help you store your pet’s stuff in perfect order and save you some time when you need to find a specific thing. You will also need weather things like dog raincoats or extra towels if you know you can get caught in the rain.

Take brakes every 4 hours

For active animals, it can be tiresome to stay locked for a long time. Make sure you let your pet out for 15 minutes every 4 hours of riding.

Keep them occupied

Don’t forget to bring your pet’s favourite toy to prevent it from behaving badly or becoming too agitated inside the car. A new stuffed ‘buddy’ or a tennis ball can keep a dog busy and distract him from distracting you. To deal with the car sickness, open the window so that your dog could peek outside and get entertained by different road smells. But never open the window completely to avoid unpredictable attempt to get out of the car.

Use pet car seats or a barrier

If you worry that your dog might poke around your car all the time or suddenly jump onto your laps, consider gently restricting your pet’s movements with a special car seat or a barrier that will prevent him from getting onto the front seat. Not only do these things keep your beloved animal safe and sound, but also they guarantee you a calm drive… at least for some time.

Prepare your pet for the trip

If your dog has never travelled in the car before, make this happen before your actual trip begins. It is also a good idea to wear him out the day before so that he begs you for some sleep once in the car.