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What Makes Our Towing Company the Best in Jerome ID

We know what you are thinking, and it’s true: Our drivers are certainly the best looking in the city. Even though that’s true, it isn’t the only thing that makes our towing company better than our competition. We are also the strongest! Virility and manly physique aside, there are three things you should know about Jerome towing company which blows our competition out of the Snake River water.

1. Best Prices

Man, I’m really glad they ripped me off and lied to me,” said no one ever. Unfortunately, this is what commonly happens when people don’t hire us for their tow job, and they end up feeling gypped and unwilling to consider a tow the next time they find themselves in a tough spot. We offer the best towing prices in Jerome for the services we provide, and we don’t have hidden charges you unexpectedly find on your invoice.

2. Best Drivers

Our drivers are more than just easy on the eyes – they are also professional, kind, and Wreck Master certified. This means that when we show up on the scene, you know you are working with an experienced and competent tow truck driver that you can trust.

3. We Work with Your Insurance

We work with all kinds of insurance companies to work out payments, claims, and associated cost of your tow. We are a trusted AAA company too, meaning those who are members of AAA can call us directly and let us sort out all the payment with AAA ourselves. We also accept all forms of payment.

Get Towing Today

Remember what sets us apart if you ever find yourself in need of a tow. We have years of knowledge working in the towing industry to bring you excellence quickly and whenever you need it. Don’t hesitate and call us today.

Mercedes Benz service

Mercedes Benz owners understand that they have invested in a luxury vehicle. Mercedes vehicles have superior engineering and overall quality of mechanics, a feature that needs to be regular check-ups in order to maintain the vehicle longevity. Regular Mercedes Benz service will keep the vehicle running at peak performance and help prevent major repairs.

Here are the benefits of bringing you Mercedes for regular servicing:

Bringing in your Mercedes for service helps you save money.

You’re probably thinking, “How does paying for regular service help me save money?” While Mercedes service does cost some amount of money, it can save you potentially huge amounts of money in the long run by preventing major Mercedes repairs. Additionally, servicing can prepare you for upcoming repairs that cannot be prevented, such as brake pads or repairs resulting from general wear and tear of your vehicle.

Regular Mercedes service helps your vehicle run more efficiently.

When you get your Mercedes serviced, your mechanic will comb through all of the internal and external features of your vehicle to make sure that everything is running at full capacity. They will change the fluids, make sure that your engine is working properly, and test the internal diagnostics of your vehicle.

Mercedes servicing will ensure your vehicle’s safety.

In addition to running the internal diagnostics of your Mercedes, they also make sure that your safety essentials, such as airbags, steering, brakes, etc. are operating efficiently. Do understand that your vehicle carries your most precious cargo, your family. An effective Mercedes service lets you drive with the peace of mind that your vehicle’s safety is at its peak level.

However, even regular Mercedes service does not guarantee that you will avoid all Mercedes repairs. Your mechanic might help you avoid unexpected repairs, but eventually general wear-and-tear will overcome components of the vehicle, like the brakes, and you will face a repair expense.

If you have taken your Mercedes to a dealership or mechanic for a repair, and you think the Mercedes repair quote is not realistic or too high, we encourage you to get a second opinion. Independent mechanics often price Mercedes service and repairs better than Mercedes dealerships. Bring in your vehicle and your repair quote to a dealer alternative specialist and let them give you a second opinion on whether or not that quote is accurate.

Independent repair shops rely on word-of-mouth recommendations and customer referrals for much of their business. So it’s no surprise that many independent garages place a high premium on customer service and satisfaction. Because of lower prices, a small independent workshop is a great place to go for basic maintenance and repairs not covered by a car’s warranty.

What makes a great driver?

Nearly everyone thinks they have an above average level of driving skill. Until recently, you just had to take people’s word for it when they boasted about what a great driver they were. Employers, in particular, had little idea of how their vehicles were being driven unless an offence was committed.

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All that has changed with the arrival of driver recording systems and vehicle tracking. Now there’s evidence of how well someone drives and you can even get reduced insurance if you agree to have a recording system in your car – Dashcams are increasingly popular with members of the public, and professionals such as taxi drivers too.

All of these developments are making people a little more realistic about how good a driver they actually are. So what are the key attributes of a great driver?


The primary thing good drivers need to know about is the car they’re driving. What are its braking abilities? How much grip do the tyres have? Does it have modern aids such as traction control? The answers may seem obvious but an astonishing number of drivers on the roads have simply bought a car, climbed in and driven off without ever properly finding out how that particular make and model works. And knowing ourselves is also vital. Drivers need to be aware of their limitations. How good is your night vision? How likely are you to be distracted by children, dogs or passengers in the car? How often do you drive when very tired? What are the signs that you might fall asleep at the wheel? Don’t forget that a tracking system always tells the truth.

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With modern cars, skill is really not the key to driving well. They are designed to make everyone safe on the road and are packed with technology that can go a long way to making up for an unskilled driver. More important can be the specific skills that people develop when they have a lot of experience of driving in certain conditions. People in the south of England rarely have to drive in snow, whereas those in the north do so more frequently and are probably better at it.


The most important attribute of a good driver is a relaxed, safety-conscious, alert and forgiving attitude. Without it, skill and knowledge are of little use.

Tips on Saving Money When Purchasing a New Car

Anyone would love the idea of having a new car, but is it worth it? You have a lot of things in mind once you get a new car, but come to think of it, the price of your new car today can drastically go down soon.

If you are struggling between deciding buying a new car or not, there are some factors that you should consider. It’s highly recommended that you are fully aware of these things as it will help you decide the soonest time possible. As much as possible you want to save money despite having a new car, so, it’s best that you get to know some money saving tips for this one big investment.

Money Saving Tips for Your Car

There are various factors that may push you to purchase a new car. Regardless of the reason, it is only necessary that you take a look at these reasons and learn whether it would help you or not. There are different tips you can do whether you are planning on buying a new car or keeping your old one. You just have to learn these things to make sure you are not wasting your money.

Tips in Saving Money with Your Old Car

If you already have a car and wanted to keep it instead of buying a new one, there are a few tips you should consider thinking about. Some of these are the following:

  • If it’s still running well, improve its performance by observing your driving habits. Most of the time, it’s how you treat your car that costs you too much. A qualified mechanic who understands brake repair such as can lengthen the lifespan of your engine and brakes and reduce the gas you use each drive.
  • If it lacks accessories, try to ask for the cost of fitting accessories in. However, with your smartphone, music and navigation can all be accessed easily, which makes it unnecessary for you to install accessories. On the other hand, if your vehicle lacks air conditioning system, you may want to invest in this and learn how to take care of it to use it for a longer time.

Use these tips as your way of keeping your old car running at its top performance and at the same time save more money for maintenance and repairs.

Saving Money on Your New Vehicle

As much as possible, you want to make sure that your new vehicle will last longer than your old one. Also, keep in mind that you don’t want to commit the same mistakes that resulted to your old car’s damages. So, for you to do this, the following are some of the tips that you can do to save more money:

  • Be more cautious with your driving habits. You see, it all goes down to how you drive as well as your habits when you’re driving. Take time to know how you can save on fuel and maintain your car parts at its best condition from your mechanic. Also, be more observant when bringing your car to a service centre to learn how to attend to small issues with your car.
  • If you know your car is not meant for long drives or too small for an out of town trip, you might want to hire another vehicle instead of forcing your vehicle. This may result to damages and unexpected stopovers just because you encounter issues while using your vehicle.

Whether you are using a new car or an old one, how long it lasts and how much you spend on it depends on the daily wear and tear. If you are well aware of how to take care of your vehicle, there is a great chance that you can save more money on maintenance and repairs.

Travelling with Pets – Major Lifehacks

You are just about to set off for a road trip, and there are lots of things to mind for sure: good tyres, emergency and first aid kits, packing your bags… But if you are travelling with your pet ‘on board’, you have to prepare even more carefully, as you are responsible for ‘what you have tamed’. Here are some lifehacks that will make your road trip more comfortable and predictable.

If you are going to stay in a hotel, opt for the one that charges only a one-time pet fee.

Most of the hotels aren’t pet-friendly and usually charge cleaning fees or daily fees if you stay with your pet. Just make sure that your pet is more than welcome. Be a tidy tenant yourself; bring a squeegee and clean the carpet or a sofa in your room after your cat or dog left their hair there.

If you rent a car, vacuum it before returning

The car rental company won’t mind about driving with a cat or dog, but make everything possible to protect the car’s interior from cat/dog hair. Use blankets to cover seats and clean the car properly afterwards to avoid paying a fee for the mess.

Bring smart pet travel accessories

A spill-proof bowl will let you water your dog without pulling over while a special car organiser will help you store your pet’s stuff in perfect order and save you some time when you need to find a specific thing. You will also need weather things like dog raincoats or extra towels if you know you can get caught in the rain.

Take brakes every 4 hours

For active animals, it can be tiresome to stay locked for a long time. Make sure you let your pet out for 15 minutes every 4 hours of riding.

Keep them occupied

Don’t forget to bring your pet’s favourite toy to prevent it from behaving badly or becoming too agitated inside the car. A new stuffed ‘buddy’ or a tennis ball can keep a dog busy and distract him from distracting you. To deal with the car sickness, open the window so that your dog could peek outside and get entertained by different road smells. But never open the window completely to avoid unpredictable attempt to get out of the car.

Use pet car seats or a barrier

If you worry that your dog might poke around your car all the time or suddenly jump onto your laps, consider gently restricting your pet’s movements with a special car seat or a barrier that will prevent him from getting onto the front seat. Not only do these things keep your beloved animal safe and sound, but also they guarantee you a calm drive… at least for some time.

Prepare your pet for the trip

If your dog has never travelled in the car before, make this happen before your actual trip begins. It is also a good idea to wear him out the day before so that he begs you for some sleep once in the car.