The Efficient Three-Row Crossover

There is plenty of room and lots of amenities in the 2017 Honda Pilot that makes it stand out among its competitors. There is a bit of off-road capability and it comes with a versatile interior. The 2017 Honda Pilot can accommodate eight passengers as well as towing up to 5000 pounds. Almost all standards are utilitarian with the Pilot model as there are many properties that give it a high class. However, all the unique features do not mean that it is perfect because there are little drawbacks with the adaptive cruise control. The infotainment may not be user-friendly since you have to be sharp when navigating some of the controls.

They are just slight issues and the shorter you learn to get used to them the better. The 2017 Honda Pilot is one of the best three-row crossovers that has stood a test of time. There are slight upgrades that have changed the interior of the Pilot such as Android Auto compatibility and the Apple CarPlay. There is also an intuitive 8-inch touchscreen included in the EX-trims and above. The EXL trim level might just be best in the class and comes with impressive optional features such as the forward collision mitigation and adaptive cruise control.

The 2017 Honda Pilot makes a good alternative for a minivan the fact that it is a three-row crossover SUV. It accommodates eight people with the exception of the Elite whose capacity has been reduced to seven with the second-row captain’s chairs. In the three-row SUV segment, Honda Pilot is considered to be among the athletes that possess ample power and respectable handling. It easily gets up to speed making it a winner on mountain roads. The optional all-wheel drive allows it to manage light towing and slippery surfaces. Power is redistributed to the wheels that need it most by the active center and rear differentials offered by all-wheel-drive models. This makes the Honda pilot capable in mud, sand and snow surfaces.

The 2017 Honda Pilot is a comfortable SUV that has an above-average ride quality, ample space, and seat comfort. It has a very high ease of use making it more easy to use and convenient to most families. The interior of the Pilot exhibits builds quality and Honda efficiency. There is very good use of space that comes with ample storage capacity. Some of the practical features make a significant difference when hauling cargo and people. These include the flat load floor with lowered second and third rows. The easy-entry third row makes this SUV comfortable when getting in or out.

It is an extremely utilitarian vehicle and it’s quite useful when carrying a large load or passengers. Some of the controls in the 2017 Honda Pilot are intuitive and reasonably intelligent. The active safety properties that are positioned on the caution side can be intrusive. The collision mitigation and adaptive cruise control of the optional systems are extremely sensitive and are helpful for passenger-side lane changes. The 2017 Honda Pilot is considered to be the most efficient the fact that it has a higher capacity of cargo.