The Best Features in WLtoys F949 Airplane Toy

If you are a fan of easy to use and well-designed airplane toy, you must be familiar with WLtoys airplane. It is one of the most wanted plane toy brands in the market right now and the price matches well with the quality of the product.

There are various types of plane you can get from this brand, but if you want something simple, cheap and perfect for beginner, F949 is the model you should choose. Now, let’s find out some of the best features in this airplane toy.

Easy to Control

Flying a plane toy is definitely really fun and exciting. However, controlling the movement can still be pretty challenging for beginners. Thankfully, WLtoys F949 is very easy to control so it is very suitable for beginner.

The rudder volume size is adjustable, ensuring accurate movement even though you are trying to do difficult maneuver. It also comes with left hand throttle which has been proven as the easiest way to control the remote.

This toy has two taking off types. You can throw it to the air for a more heart racing experience, or you can just make the plane take off from the ground if you want easier and better control. Another good thing about this plan is definitely the material. It is made of EPP composite material which is very flexible and durable. Even though it falls, it will not easily break so it is really a good toy for beginner.

A Very Powerful Toy

Despite of its lightweight size and affordable price, this product is actually very powerful. It comes with not only one but three coreless motor combinations which provide stronger driving power. Furthermore, thanks to its 2.4 GHz frequency, this toy has 200 meter range, which can even be competed with higher end models.

In addition, it is also capable to fly and make reflect movement in high speed without any interference. One charge is enough to make the plane fly for about 25 minutes and one charging session only needs around 40 to 60 minutes.

Great Design

Last but not least, you also will definitely love how this product is designed. Flying this toy will be more fun since it is designed exactly like the real Cessna 182. The white color with bright red accents here and there make this WLtoys plane looks like a genuine plane, just in a miniscule size. Whether you want to play it outdoor or indoor, you definitely will have the time of your life.