More Hybrid Electric Trucks for UPS

Recently, the green delivery has been more popular. UPS has been started to use green delivery vehicles for the last few years but they seem to be more committed to it. It is proven by UPS decision to add 130 hybrid electric trucks into the company. These new units come as alternative fuel vehicle and have made UPS as the delivery company operating the largest green units in the world. Around 30 units will be based in New York while the other 100 units will be based in California. A lot of people say that UPS has definitely made the right decision because green vehicle supports the vision of a better earth as the emission is hugely cut off. So, anytime you send parcel delivery to Germany, UPS will make sure that the green vehicles will be used to serve you.

These vehicles are not only environmental- friendly but they are also effective and efficient for urban area use. These areas are common to low interstate miles and heavy traffic so electric vehicles are strategic choices due to the use of regenerative braking that allow the vehicles to recapture the electric energy. Meanwhile, the fuel economy will be much improved with the use of these vehicles. It is estimated that there will be around 35% of fuel economy that can save CO2 as much as 671 metric tons and fuel as much as 66.085 gallons annually. This saving is equal to removing 128 cars from the road which is a very good thing. This decision has definitely made UPS as one of the best international courier services providers.

At the same time, this decision has shown goodwill that the company has so the community can see it. Therefore, the community will see that the company has committed to make contribution to improve the environment to make it a better place to live.