Which Is Best – Steel or Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carriers?

When you have a good receiver hitch cargo carrier attached to the back of your car, it becomes extremely easy to transport extra luggage and stuff. Things like beach chairs, tree stumps, tools, garden supplies, cooler, luggage, diving gears, trash cans and every other thing that won’t fit in your car or SUV can fit on a cargo carrier.

There are two types of material used in cargo carriers: steel and aluminum. There are reasons some folks choose one over the other. If you are looking to buy a hitch mounted cargo carrier and you are confused on which one to choose, here is what you need to know.

Steel Hitch Cargo Carriers

Pros: If you want to have a receiver hitch cargo carrier that is sturdy and able to withstand highways that are not so smooth or even mountainous terrain, then you need a steel hitch cargo carrier. Many car owners trust this carrier because it is capable of hauling whatever they require for their outdoor adventure.

Apart from being very sturdy, steel hitch cargo carriers are known to have massive load bearing capabilities. Regardless of what is being placed on the tray, they can secure them thereby making them a perfect match for hauling serious effects from camping trips. However, they have their shortcomings.

Cons: One major area of concern for most customers is weight. These cargo carriers are generally known to be weighty. These carriers can weight up to 60 pounds. Also, they are not corrosion resistance and this often affects their overall appearance. As a result, must customers may be forced to spray paint their carrier every couple of years.


Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carriers

Pros: Weight is simply one of the most prevalent advantages of the aluminum hitch cargo carrier over the equivalent steel version. This type of trailer hitch cargo carrier is generally known to be lightweight. As a result, little effort is required to lift and install it to the back of the car. Even a single person can do this just fine.

The aluminum hitch cargo carrier tries to eliminate the need of paint or fancy coating to protect it because it doesn’t rust. These carriers are less expensive as their steel counterparts. There are really no disadvantages with this type of cargo carrier. It will both be able to carry items up to its rated capacity.

Both steel and aluminum hitch cargo carriers will get the job done in nearly all cases.