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Fenders are one of the most underrated car parts that deserve attention just like your engine or hood. In case you are unaware what a fender is, it framework surrounding the wheels of your vehicle, that eventually gives way to the side of the hood and the car doors. While most cars have a built-in fender that is part of the entire structure of the car, having similar design and color, some other vintage cars have fenders that are not attached to the main body of the car. Regardless of what kind of fender your car has, it serves an equally important purpose.

Function Of Fenders

The fender gets its name from the purpose it serves on the car, “fending” it from little bits and particles that means to do the car harm. The fender acts as a kind of shield, preventing mud and dirt from splashing on the rest of the car parts and making it filthy. This especially comes in handy when you are driving at breakneck speeds on roads and highways. It also helps in keeping dirty water at bay when it is pouring cats and dogs.

Smalls gravels and fine stones might also get caught in the nooks and crannies of the wheels and get flung upwards. If these were to land on the hood or car door, they would get scratched or dented, requiring you to go in for a repaint and polishing job every now and then. However, thanks to the fender, these chips and stone pieces get deposited right where they came from.

Types Of Fenders

Fenders come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are uniquely built according to the make and model of the car to elevate the overall aesthetics of the vehicle. Most of the fenders come in semi-circular shape, the concept being that dirt and little stones will rotate with the length of the wheel, strike the fender, make a full circle and get right back where it came from. However, there are cars where the shape of the fender may vary, in order to suit the style it is promoting. To keep its utility intact, fenders rarely have hard edges. The edges are always rounded up, even when the shape it follows is not a semi circle.

Needless to mention, there are two types of fenders attached to a car – a front and rear fender. Even though the rear fender follows the front fender, the rear fender might end up requiring a replacement sooner than the front fender. This is due to the fact that the types of wheels that both these fenders deal with are drastically different. The rear wheels are more muscular and at times, bigger in size. Heavy duty vehicles like trucks and busses will have four wheels in the back compared to the two in the front. Hence, the rear fender tends to attract more fending materials than the front and hence, get worn off faster.

Owing the “job” that a fender has to do, it is pretty common for it to get damaged often. It is an auto part that bears the brunt of the only car part that is in direct contact with the road – the wheels. Fenders that are not cleaned regularly or taken proper care of are more likely to succumb to damage than a fender that is always kept in top notch condition. Sometimes only the fender lining, that faces the main friction may get clogged, discolored or cracked. The fender moulding, which is the area where the fender is attached to the body of the car, might also get damaged. Regardless of whether you are assembling a fender or just replacing a specific component of the fender, Parts Avatar Canada is the place to get it from. The following are some of the aftermarket car parts that are available here and might help you fix your fender:

Replacing Fender

It is also advisable that car owners opt for nothing less than genuine products from verified and well-known manufacturers. Some of the top brands when it comes to car fenders are Dorman, Crown, Spectra Premium, Bores, Sherman, Rugged Ridge, Moroso and Bores. Since you get the opportunity of browsing through an array of manufacturers before zeroing in on the one that suits your needs on Parts Avatar Aftermarket Auto Parts, it is very easy to compare the price ranges offered by the replacement auto parts sellers and if you are on a tight budget, choose the one that is the cheapest.

While installing wheels are more or less basic and can be done even by relatively novice car owners, installing a fender is not the same thing. It requires a special swiftness and skill to make sure that the surrounding car parts attached to the fender does not get damaged in any way. Some fenders maybe so badly dented that they need to be cut out of the car’s mainframe. This can happen after a fatal car crash, where side of the car takes most of the impact instead of the front or back. Nevertheless, if you would rather take the do-it-yourself approach towards fixing your fender, it is always wise to keep your garage stocked of all the tools and equipment needed for the job such as pliers, hammers, screw drivers etc, all of which you can find on Parts Avatar Canada.