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Looking to Sell Your Car Fast with No Title?


We buy cars for cash and it’s the one stop shop for turning your old junker into cold cash. Our professional car buyers can take your vehicle off your hands and leave you with the profits. You will never have to undergo the many inconveniences of car sales, tuning them up or getting them ready to be viewed by a fastidious buyer. We will not accept any car which does not have a title with it.

We run a professional car buying service that is also very flexible and we buy used vehicles of all types and in any condition. With over 20 years in the business we regularly purchase over a thousand cars already across various locations.


It is our goal to help our clients get their used cars off their hands and replace it for cold cash that can be used to mitigate the harshness of their financial situation. When you really need cash , the last thing you want to be doing is dolling out for car work and detailing so it can get a hire price. We buy cars in all type of conditions and can show up onsite to take your car for cool cash.

Here are some reason to choose our Cars for Cash service.

We Buy Cars in any Condition we buy all makes and models and all years too. In any condition! Whether your car is running fine, making strange noises or parked under a tree for the last six years.

Anywhere you are whether you are just around the corner, or on the other side of the country. We have locations everywhere and can send a team around to pick up your car as soon as you’d like the cash.

Simple as your personal vehicle buying agency we will walk you through all the necessary steps to complete the sales process as fast and easy as possible. You are sure to have many questions and concerns but the company representative will handle them all and clear your mind.

In conclusion we are not your typical used car sales people, we are car buying professionals who make gains by buying in bulk. This means we are more concerned with supplying high over all value and first-rate customer service. We provide fair and honest prices for the cars we buy based on our years of experience in the industry

Is the fender of your car seriously dented? Are you purposefully delaying replacing it due to high cost? Parts Avatar Auto Parts offers high quality fenders at most reasonable rates

Fenders are one of the most underrated car parts that deserve attention just like your engine or hood. In case you are unaware what a fender is, it framework surrounding the wheels of your vehicle, that eventually gives way to the side of the hood and the car doors. While most cars have a built-in fender that is part of the entire structure of the car, having similar design and color, some other vintage cars have fenders that are not attached to the main body of the car. Regardless of what kind of fender your car has, it serves an equally important purpose.

Function Of Fenders

The fender gets its name from the purpose it serves on the car, “fending” it from little bits and particles that means to do the car harm. The fender acts as a kind of shield, preventing mud and dirt from splashing on the rest of the car parts and making it filthy. This especially comes in handy when you are driving at breakneck speeds on roads and highways. It also helps in keeping dirty water at bay when it is pouring cats and dogs.

Smalls gravels and fine stones might also get caught in the nooks and crannies of the wheels and get flung upwards. If these were to land on the hood or car door, they would get scratched or dented, requiring you to go in for a repaint and polishing job every now and then. However, thanks to the fender, these chips and stone pieces get deposited right where they came from.

Types Of Fenders

Fenders come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are uniquely built according to the make and model of the car to elevate the overall aesthetics of the vehicle. Most of the fenders come in semi-circular shape, the concept being that dirt and little stones will rotate with the length of the wheel, strike the fender, make a full circle and get right back where it came from. However, there are cars where the shape of the fender may vary, in order to suit the style it is promoting. To keep its utility intact, fenders rarely have hard edges. The edges are always rounded up, even when the shape it follows is not a semi circle.

Needless to mention, there are two types of fenders attached to a car – a front and rear fender. Even though the rear fender follows the front fender, the rear fender might end up requiring a replacement sooner than the front fender. This is due to the fact that the types of wheels that both these fenders deal with are drastically different. The rear wheels are more muscular and at times, bigger in size. Heavy duty vehicles like trucks and busses will have four wheels in the back compared to the two in the front. Hence, the rear fender tends to attract more fending materials than the front and hence, get worn off faster.

Owing the “job” that a fender has to do, it is pretty common for it to get damaged often. It is an auto part that bears the brunt of the only car part that is in direct contact with the road – the wheels. Fenders that are not cleaned regularly or taken proper care of are more likely to succumb to damage than a fender that is always kept in top notch condition. Sometimes only the fender lining, that faces the main friction may get clogged, discolored or cracked. The fender moulding, which is the area where the fender is attached to the body of the car, might also get damaged. Regardless of whether you are assembling a fender or just replacing a specific component of the fender, Parts Avatar Canada is the place to get it from. The following are some of the aftermarket car parts that are available here and might help you fix your fender:

Replacing Fender

It is also advisable that car owners opt for nothing less than genuine products from verified and well-known manufacturers. Some of the top brands when it comes to car fenders are Dorman, Crown, Spectra Premium, Bores, Sherman, Rugged Ridge, Moroso and Bores. Since you get the opportunity of browsing through an array of manufacturers before zeroing in on the one that suits your needs on Parts Avatar Aftermarket Auto Parts, it is very easy to compare the price ranges offered by the replacement auto parts sellers and if you are on a tight budget, choose the one that is the cheapest.

While installing wheels are more or less basic and can be done even by relatively novice car owners, installing a fender is not the same thing. It requires a special swiftness and skill to make sure that the surrounding car parts attached to the fender does not get damaged in any way. Some fenders maybe so badly dented that they need to be cut out of the car’s mainframe. This can happen after a fatal car crash, where side of the car takes most of the impact instead of the front or back. Nevertheless, if you would rather take the do-it-yourself approach towards fixing your fender, it is always wise to keep your garage stocked of all the tools and equipment needed for the job such as pliers, hammers, screw drivers etc, all of which you can find on Parts Avatar Canada.

Best Way of Selling a Car

Having a car will involve many important responsibilities. Bringing home your car doesn’t stop there. You must confirm that it is always in good and running condition. You must bring it regularly to a car service.

Proper maintenance can help you a lot when you want to sell car Singapore. You must understand that there are different methods for selling cars and selecting the best option is not simple. Best thing, specialists have put together an easy guide to help you select the best possible method to go about it. Apart from of whether you wish to get the best cost or exchange on a new car, one of these choices can be good for you.

Ways to sell a car

Selling confidentially – confidentially selling a car will offer you the authority to better discuss so you can get the most effective price. Earlier to promoting it, you have to set your asking cost as per on your car’s market value. Even, you need to take pictures of your car to show it off to potential owners. It is even very important for you to text all the details potential buyers would need to know. Repairing any fault will likewise assist you get more for your vehicle.

Selling to a trader – It is an alternative for those people who don’t have enough time to do so. It is certainly the most stress-free and the fastest way of selling a car. But earlier to approaching a trader, you must do your own research thus you can get a clear idea about what is the value of your car. If you select to trade in the car, the trader frequently has some cushion in the costing for negotiation; thus, you must get ready to bargain. On the other hand, you can just sell the vehicle to the trader when you wish to sell quickly and is not very much worried with getting the highest sale value.

Car Shopping Service – Likewise, it is one more great option for those people that are living busy life style or those who want fast money. There are some services offering customers a free instant online valuation. Certainly it is a wonderful place to start the selling process.

Auctions – It permits you to get the price of open market for your vehicle. Auctions load pictures of the car for presentation online and help make wider exposure and reach. With some people that are attending different auctions on a regular basis, the car will certainly get plenty of interest and exposure. Be repeated though to do your research as well as set a very sensible cost for a fast sale.

Online: These days, you can check there are some websites that are selling vehicles online. You can upload your car’s pictures on those websites and mention your asking price with your contact number. If anyone interest in your car, he/she can contact with you. Oneshift is a wonderful place, where you can easily sell your car at good price.

3 Important Things to Look for When Considering a Commercial Van Upfit for Your Business

Work trucks are out. While they were the commercial workhorse for businesses for the longest time, the van is in. Not only does it have more space for equipment (along with a roof to protect payloads), but it also has a larger surface area for graphics, a lower form factor that makes loading/unloading less strenuous, and usually comes with mounting points for equipment. No more cut PVC pipes, wooden screw organizers and opening ten different cabinets here, but a workspace as well as an organizer for your gear.

So, what should you look for in a Commercial Van Upfit? Here are three of the most important aspects to look for:


First, and foremost, is utility. Without a flexible platform to get you through the work day and the ability to carry all your equipment you may as well walk to the jobsite with your kit on your back. Some CUVs excel at carrying your tools, some cargo, and others the crew themselves, but the ProMaster RAM by FR Conversions will do all three, and even sport a trailer at the back with ease.

Tools are your livelihood, and FR Conversions makes their security and access paramount. Optional stainless steel or galvalume interior walls with mounting points for all types of equipment are available and LED panels across the floor mean you will always find the equipment you’re looking for.

Whether you’re on the jobsite late at night, early in the morning, or just parked under a shady tree, the fully illuminated cargo space will make it a breeze. Those tools can also be powered by FR Conversion’s optional 2,000 Watt Power Inverter, making your vehicle your shop away from the shop. With this Remote Base capability, whether your 1 mile or 1,000 miles away, you’ll always have your tools and the power to get the job done.

Cargo is another primary factor in the utility of your vehicle, and the ProMaster series has room to spare. With a 4,400 Weight Capacity and reinforced floor with L-Track for tie-downs, your cargo will be safe and secure, whether fragile or bulky. The optional Retractable Ramp System is rated at 2,000lbs and is as wide as the RAM itself, further aids workers in loading and unloading.

Your worksite transportation solution is further improved upon by the power of the RAM ProMaster and upfit options. The vehicle is powered by a PENTASTAR 3.6L V6 280-HP Engine bringing very capable power to the front wheels. The optional towing hitch provided by FR Conversions allows you to tow up to 5100lbs with 600PD of torque, in case you need to bring any more equipment with you. A heavy-duty alternator will also ensure you’re never left stranded at the end of a long day.

Of course, all that gear is mighty useless without hands to wield them, which is why FR Conversions has added a crew cab to the ProMaster, adding four seats for a total of six crew and air conditioning to keep everyone in comfort.

“Whether transporting crews, hauling a trailer, or moving equipment, the FR Commercial Utility Vehicle does all three at once!”



Safety is another primary factor when looking at a Commercial Van Upfit. Even if your driver is the best in the business, it’s the others on the road you must watch out for. As such, all FR Conversion vans are fully crash-tested, and meet or exceed government crash test standards. Further, the RAM ProMaster’s 46.8 ft. turning radius will reduce the amount of Y-turns your workers will make. Also, the plus editions come with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road while providing updates to the office. The crew cab is separated from the cargo by a panel, minimizing the risk of loose cargo injuring passengers in the event of a collision or sudden stop.

Of course, it’s not just on the road that safety matters, but on the jobsite as well. The LED lighting in the rear cargo area will allow workers to maneuver around equipment and find sharp tools without the fear of bruises and cuts. Not only is the FR Conversions CUV outfitted with a back-up alarm, alerting everyone around the vehicle, but also a Parkview® Back-up camera, to assure the driver that the path is absolutely clear.

On the road or at the jobsite, you can be confident that FR Conversions puts safety at its core.

Manufacturer Reputation

FR Conversions began by making accessibility vehicles in 2008 and has since become the fastest growing and most progressive commercial van upfit manufacturer in America. They bring to market mobility and commercial vehicle solutions that are a perfect fit for many platforms – features, design, aggressive pricing, service, safety and financing. For their CUV they started with RAM’s Euro-style ProMaster Van, America’s most in-demand vehicle workhorse and have cut prices to a bare minimum while providing thought-out upgrades to assist in any industry.

While some upfit conversion manufacturers will smile and wave as you leave the lot, FR Conversions will always be by your side with a 3-year/36,000 Mile Upfit Warranty. Further, any ASC Certified mechanic in your area may perform warranty work, forming a nationwide network of maintenance facilities.

Smart Ways to Purchase a Classic Car

Buying classic cars is definitely more complicated than buying the usual used cars. There is something special and timeless about classic car, and it can be hard finding a classic car that has those qualities but are still in good condition. Even though there are so many classic car enthusiasts in Collingwood and you can find people selling their classic vehicle basically all around the town, you need to be very careful and meticulous. You need to pay attention to the car’s quality from the engine down to all the tires. Furthermore, you also need to be aware of scammers, especially if you are just a beginner in the world of classic cars. So, to make sure you can make the best decision and purchase the car that will make you happy, here are some tips to help you.

Decide for What Purpose You Will Use the Car

If you only want to have the car for show purpose only, you definitely want a car that is in its absolute best condition. No scratches, no bubbles, no rust. However, if you want to use the car to commute daily, you can take it a little bit easy on the appearance department. One or two bubbles are to be expected and you can always go to your favorite auto repair shop to restore the condition. But remember, no matter for what purpose you want to use the car, you shouldn’t purchase a car that has plenty of rust on it. Even though it will be cheaper, it will impossible to restore it if it is covered with too much rust.

Join a Club

If you have decided what kind of classic car you want to buy, make sure you join the car’s local club, which you can find easily in Collingwood. Not only you can find trusted seller from the club, once you have purchased the car, you can also share a lot of things with fellow enthusiasts. As we know, finding spare parts for classic car can be very difficult. If you hang out with the right people, it will be easier for you to find information about car maintenance, auto shop to buy spare parts and to have oil change.

Go Bold and Find Rarer Cars

Classic car is not only about hobby, you can also use it as an investment. When you are purchasing a classic car, of course you are thinking of having it for a very long time and you will give it the best care and maintenance. If one day, you are thinking of selling the car, maybe to buy another classic, you can get much more money if you manage to sell a well maintained rare classic car.

Get Help from Professional

Buying classic car can be full with uncertainties, especially since it is hard to find out whether the mechanical condition is good or not. If you are not sure of what you should do, it is best to ask for help from professional mechanic and ask him whether the car is worth buying or not.