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Toyota car models in 2017


Toyota does it again, it goes out with a wide range of Toyota car models that are not only drool-worthy, but also incredible in terms of quality and built. If their sole purpose is not trying to make all of us broke financially, I don’t know what else they are trying to do. But, as difficult as it is for most people to make a final decision on which Toyota from the 2017 models is superior than the other, there is one from its extensive line of 2017 Toyota car models that instantly caught my eye, and it is none other than the 2017 Toyota C-HR. The C-HR lineup, which is an abbreviation of Coupe High Rider, is a unique combination – despite of its moniker and roofline which we can typically find in coupes, the C-HR comes with a four door design indicating that is indeed a crossover. In addition to the aforemention roofline, another noticeable exterior design in the C-HR are the stunning 18 inch alloy wheels, LED-daylight running headlights, hiden rear door handles which are very clever, rear LED lights, and also functional rear spoilers.

In terms of interior, the C-HR boasts a simplistic and uncluttered layout. With its asymmetrical dashboard and large 8 inch intergrated touchscreen device with a highly improved Human Machine Interface (often abbreviated as HMI) technology, Toyota has successfully minimized its switchgear issue and significantly enhanced its connectiion services. It’s worth noting that the interior of the C-HR comes in 3 color options which are a combination of black and blue, black and brown, or dark grey. Other customizable options and features are keyless entry system, auto wipers, adaptive cruise control, privacy glass, personalized upholstery with part leather seating, bluetooth connectivity and many more.

While the exterior and interior of this C-HR model is a sight to behold, we don’t purchase a vehicle strictly for its looks – which makes details on engine, power and anything related to it just as important. The C-HR is equipped with a variable-automatic manual-shift mode which is believed to simulate seven fwd gears and also a 2.0 liter four-cylinder and naturally-aspirated engine which develops 140LB-ft and 144hp of torque. However this depends on which part of the world you are residing as Toyota gives buyers of the European market the option of 1.8 liter turbocharged four-cylinder, gas engine-mated to hybrid-system. This is roughly translated to a great fuel-economy of just 61.8 mpg along with the 83 g per kilometer of Co2 emission – which is considered as its incredible class-leading stats.

Toyota C-HR is set to be released to the market and going on sale in early 2017 – or the first quarter, to be exactly precise. In terms of prices, Toyota offers three different pricings. The first is set to be on sale with an average price starting at US$19,700 for the entry level C-HR with icon trim, the second option is expected to go on sale at US$23,000 with additional park-assist and folding function, and the last the premium lineup at US$ 24,500.