How to Detail Your Car Like a Professional

Whatever car you own, if you’re proud of it and want to keep it in the best possible condition then you’ll need to detail it like an expert. It can be costly to hire the help of professionals to do so though, but there are many ways to achieve that expert finish yourself. From getting the exterior sparkling in the summer sun to creating a luxurious interior for winter weather, here are a few ways to detail your car expertly.

Get the Right Equipment

Detailing a car can be an extensive job which involves going over almost every area of the vehicle to get it looking as good as new. This requires a wide range of tools and equipment, from a cloth, water and wax to wash the outside of your car, to a vacuum cleaner, leather cleaner and more for the interior. Then there’s all the garage tools such as those used when SGS detail a car, including a trolley jack, air drill and more.

Care for the Right Season

It can be a lot harder for cars to maintain their shiny finish when being battered by the winter weather. Rain, sleet, snow and frost can all be harder on your vehicle and detailing in these conditions can cause extra damage. In winter it is inadvisable to wash your car when it is less than 3 degrees and there are specific winter washing products available in an attempt to reduce any damage when washing.

Focus on Interior and Exterior

Many people can focus too much on the outside of their car and just give the inside a quick vacuum when detailing. As you and your passengers spend the majority of your time inside, focusing on the interior is vital. Use top quality leather care products for the seats, wash the floormats and clean the insides of all windows. For the finishing touch add a brand new air freshener so it smells as well as looks, as good as new.

Hand Wash, Polish and Wax

Always hand wash your car when detailing. The risk an automatic car wash can bring about is not worth it. Likewise, using soapy water isn’t the best idea either, as it can strip away some of the paint. Invest in quality carwash solution which will protect the surface. When it comes to polishing and waxing, also use reliable products and do both to get a real shiny finish.

Use these tips and your car will look luxurious both inside and out, whatever the weather.