Four Types of Car Accidents that Cause the Worst Personal Injuries

Car accidents are inevitable. Even the safest driver, who always turns their cell phone off before turning on the car gets distracted from time to time. Certain accidents can cause more severe injuries when dealing with personal injury cases. The Jim Leach, Attorneys at Law firm is fully aware of such accidents and cases. Regardless of whether it is a t-bone hit, a rear end collision, or any other variety of an accident, the right firm and legal experts will help you file your claim. These are a few of the most common accidents, and injuries they can cause.

1. Rear end –
Yes, the rear end collision occurs often. A distracted driver behind you driving too quickly or not slamming on the brakes when traffic stops. Why are these so dangerous? Whiplash of course. The impact when hitting your vehicle (even softly), causes your neck (and entire body) to forcibly move forward, and back. This impact, even if minor, is severe and causes trauma to the neck and back.

2. Rollover –
Vehicle rollovers typically occur with taller/larger vehicles (such as an SUV or truck). In these instances, even a minor deviation or twist of the wheel can cause certain vehicles to flip over. Of course the injuries can be fatal (if speed are high enough or the fall is extremely steep). Even when not fatal, the simple fact that you body is rolling around, bouncing up and down, and is severely jolted in the vehicle, causes major impact and injuries throughout.

3. Head on –
The accident is exactly what it sounds like; two vehicles coming from opposing ends collide head on. Typically both drivers play some role/fault in these incidents. And, many are fatal; and when they aren’t, the injuries are typically severe (limb disfigurement, loss of mobility, trauma, etc). The high speeds, head on nature, and impact, make these some of the most dangerous accidents a driver can be involved in, and they occur in high frequencies.

4. Single car –
The self caused accident or single car accident occurs more commonly than one might occur. You’re on your phone, and back up into a garage door causing damage to the car. You put the car in R instead of D, and hit a wall extremely hard causing severe whiplash and pain. Of course the impact, speed, and where the car hits (front or rear), will determine level of and type of injury. But, these types of accidents do occur regularly, and distracted drivers are on the road more so than one might consider.

Although these accidents occur frequently, and you can’t avoid them, if you ever are involved in an accident (whether or not at fault), calling the right lawyer is the best way to ensure you are properly compensated and damages are paid. After police reports are filed, you call your insurer, and you make sure emergency help is obtained (if severe injuries occur), calling the right law firm is the next step to ensure your rights are preserved, accidents are properly documented, and you’re properly represented, after the collision takes place.