Why Hondas are so Popular

Honda is a pretty well-known auto manufacturer, and with good reason, because Hondas seem to stand the test of time. You may pay a little more for a Honda, but you will get your worth back out of the vehicle easily within just a few years. Those who hold onto their Hondas are generally amazed at their lifespans and how much they keep giving back. In fact, they are just as popular as used cars as they are as new cars. If you are pondering a Honda, here are just a few more reasons why a Honda is the right choice for you.


First and foremost, the number one reason that so many people choose Honda cars is because Hondas are trustworthy. Kelley Blue Book has awarded Honda with the Most Trusted Brand award for the second year in a row because of how well the brand delivers. Quality and dependability are two of the tops reasons why people turn to Honda when they need a new vehicle.

Safety Comes First

This year the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety instituted higher safety testing standards on cars, bu Honda continued to be at the top of the list. This is because they hold their vehicles to a higher standard right off the line, so they were easily able to earn IIHS Top Safety Picks. In fact, they earned more than any other brand this year.

Long Term Investment

As briefly mentioned earlier, Hondas are known for holding their value, and they actually have one of the lowest deprecation rates in the industry. This is due to the fact that they last for decades, and often through several family members. If you plan to trade up later for a newer model this will come in handy, because you will get more out of your vehicle then you likely to expect. If you just want to pass the car onto your children you will appreciate the fact that the car is in great shape and does not cost a lot to maintain.

Perfect Family Vehicles

Head down to a Honda Car Dealer in Westchester County NY and you will find plenty of models that are great for a family or one that is growing. The Civic Hybrid and Honda Odyssey are regularly honored as two of the best family cars by different sources including Edmunds.com and Parentsmagazine. Additionally, their safety ratings are high as noted so you can feel safe placing your family in the car every time. In terms of space, Honda has a car or van for everyone so there is always enough room to fi every member in the car with plenty of space to spare for hauling if necessary. Plus, the interiors have plenty of great secrets such as hidden speakers, cup holders, and more to make it a bit more fun to ride in.