The Top Three Signs You Need a New Van for Your Business

The van is more than a simple vehicle that brings the driver from point A to point B. It’s a mobile workshop, a place for storage and organisation and in many cases, a mobile office. On top of all that, delivering goods as a business makes you reliable on your van. Ensuring it is in good condition and isn’t going to break down mid-journey, sometimes you need to invest in a new vehicle and say good bye to your old companion! Here are the top three signs you need a new van for your business.

The mechanic loves you – or hates you

the-top-three-signs-you-need-a-new-van-for-your-businessWhen you have some trouble with your van and notice that your mechanic is either rubbing their hands together or rolling their eyes in despair – take the hint. It may be a quick solution to let your mechanic have their way, but if you add all the costs in the long term, you’re much better off with a new van that doesn’t require so many patch-up jobs. You will also be saving money, as you don’t want to spend more than the van was originally worth.

You need more space

If you’ve ever moved and relocated, you know how many possessions you accumulate over the years – you actually own a lot more than you think. The same is true when you store your equipment in the van; you’d be surprised at how much you actually own. It could, of course, be just a case of forgetting to throw out the old and unnecessary but if you see that all your tools require more space, you may be ready to buy a van that can accommodate all your possessions and business tools and equipment in an orderly manner.

You’re not looking forward to long trips

If you know you have to travel some distance and have a nagging feeling in your stomach – or a little voice in your head – that discourages you from doing it, you may not be comfortable in your van anymore. Often it’s your instinct telling you that too much can go wrong.

And here’s another sign it might be time to get a new van, as confirmed by van lease and finance specialists like suddenly find yourself on the road and realise that you know the breakdown provider on a first-name basis… you’ve had to call on him/her too many times before and so it’s time for a change. That doesn’t mean you have to give up the old (yet not-so-trustworthy) van; it just means that it’s time to move on and let a new van take care of you whilst you go about your business. You’ll form a bond with the new van in no time – that’s a promise.

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