How do you Identify a good Wear out Drip

Traffic cops in China thought they had seen everything – drunks and drug addicts at the wheel, people without a licence, even children stealing their parents’ car for a joyride.

But this week they witnessed something they had never seen before – a stressed out motorist on a medical drip speeding along a highway in China’s Jiangsu province.

Businessman Gang Fang, 38, was seen at the wheel of his car with a bottle suspended above his head and a tube into his arm.

These snaps were taken by eye witness Li Lung that saw the car being pulled over.

He local media: “The man was pulled over by police. He said he had been suffering a lot of stress at work recently. He went to the hospital and they’d him to take time off work and lie down. But he said he didn’t have the time.

“So they apparently gave him medicine to give him energy in the form of a drip. I heard him say: ‘I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong’.”

A police spokesman said: “This is incredibly dangerous. Not only was he taking medicaments that could have affected his driving directly into a vein, he was unable to move his arm to steer properly because he would have ripped the tube out.”

The bottle was placed on a stand behind his seat as he drove along with the rest poking out of the sunroof. The police spokesman added: “He was risking his own life as well as those of others.”

The man faces a driving ban and a summons for dangerous driving.

He complained that he had not had the time to wait in the hospital.