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Which Is Best – Steel or Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carriers?

When you have a good receiver hitch cargo carrier attached to the back of your car, it becomes extremely easy to transport extra luggage and stuff. Things like beach chairs, tree stumps, tools, garden supplies, cooler, luggage, diving gears, trash cans and every other thing that won’t fit in your car or SUV can fit on a cargo carrier.

There are two types of material used in cargo carriers: steel and aluminum. There are reasons some folks choose one over the other. If you are looking to buy a hitch mounted cargo carrier and you are confused on which one to choose, here is what you need to know.

Steel Hitch Cargo Carriers

Pros: If you want to have a receiver hitch cargo carrier that is sturdy and able to withstand highways that are not so smooth or even mountainous terrain, then you need a steel hitch cargo carrier. Many car owners trust this carrier because it is capable of hauling whatever they require for their outdoor adventure.

Apart from being very sturdy, steel hitch cargo carriers are known to have massive load bearing capabilities. Regardless of what is being placed on the tray, they can secure them thereby making them a perfect match for hauling serious effects from camping trips. However, they have their shortcomings.

Cons: One major area of concern for most customers is weight. These cargo carriers are generally known to be weighty. These carriers can weight up to 60 pounds. Also, they are not corrosion resistance and this often affects their overall appearance. As a result, must customers may be forced to spray paint their carrier every couple of years.


Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carriers

Pros: Weight is simply one of the most prevalent advantages of the aluminum hitch cargo carrier over the equivalent steel version. This type of trailer hitch cargo carrier is generally known to be lightweight. As a result, little effort is required to lift and install it to the back of the car. Even a single person can do this just fine.

The aluminum hitch cargo carrier tries to eliminate the need of paint or fancy coating to protect it because it doesn’t rust. These carriers are less expensive as their steel counterparts. There are really no disadvantages with this type of cargo carrier. It will both be able to carry items up to its rated capacity.

Both steel and aluminum hitch cargo carriers will get the job done in nearly all cases.

How to maintain critical car parts

If you own a newer car model then it may need less maintenance that what some of the old models require. By the old models we mean the models that were manufactured a decade or so back. However this should not give you a sense of security as there are many things even in the new models that need to be looked after on a regular basis. In this article we will discuss about how to maintain some of the critical car parts.

Oil –The engine oil of your car ensures that your engine works smoothly year on year without much maintenance. Over prolonged years of usage, the gases that come from cylinders and also small bits of the metal pollute the oil and thus its effectiveness as a lubricating agent gets reduced. Heat also reduces its thickness and viscosity. When the oil becomes thin it will not lubricate the engine efficiently. Hence if you have an old car, then consider changing the oil of the car after every 4000-5000 mile of ride.

Suspension- A complete visual inspection is the best thing that can be done for proper maintenance of the suspension. It can help you in pre identification of any eminent failure. Ideally with every oil change the suspension should be also inspected. Try pushing the vehicle up and down and look for the number of bounces it makes. If it makes more than two bounces then it could mean that shocks have become old and worn out. If your vehicle has undergone suspension modification then ideally you should check the suspension more often because any change in suspension disturbs the angle of the suspension components which causes them to wear out more quickly. You may also want to upgrade your car with best 4X4 suspension.

Tires- Tire is the part of the car which is most susceptible to wear and tear. Like the brake pads, these have built in indicators that tread with the ridges which are 1/15 of an inch high. When these ridges become flat, you should ideally get your tire checked for a change. Otherwise also you should have the car tire checked every month for wear and tear.

Apart from other mentioned components there are many other parts that need a regular preventive maintenance such as the pads, brushing components, engine valves, etc. You cannot ignore maintenance of any of the above mentioned parts if you want your car to last longer. Preventive maintenance will not only help your car last longer but also reduce the cost of breakdowns.

How to Decide the Size of the Car Wipers

Car’s windshield commonly includes wiper blades which help to clear the wind screen from liquid or other things which may hinder driver’s vision while riding the car. Each of the wiper blades will work in a smooth semi-circle motion from its arm point. The wiper blades not only make the view right before the driver and front passenger clearer but also able the clear the rear window as well when the care features with rear wiper blades. Even though car has been equipped with wipers, there is always an area on that window which doesn’t get approached by the blades. Those areas such as the passenger’s side top corner and driver’s side bottom corner. If this happens to your car perhaps you need to get new wiper size blades which can approach more to the window glass. If you plan to replace the blades, you need to consider the guides in order to get the right size of wipers.

Selecting the Best Size of Wiper Blades   

Each car commonly comes with specific wiper blades. There are types of car which provide the similar side wiper blades for both driver and passenger. However, for other cars they might be particularly unlike. The right size of the wiper that you should give to the car is actually the one which is chosen for appropriate accessories as well as to clear as much section as possible on the wind screen of the car. If you swap the wiper blades on the windshield with the larger ones, the problem which might encounter is the one or both of the wipers will either dangle on the glass screen or smash the upper trim of windshield when it is positioned vertically. This condition can result on risk the less durable use of wipers. Another problem of too long wipers is there will be area on the window which doesn’t get cleaned properly when the blades are not purged the glass screen. Overly long size also can peril the wiper blade themselves since it can knock each other, twisted, and harm the parts of the blades such as their arms, motor, as well as transmission.

On the other hand, if wiper blade size appears to be smaller, then there might be some problems raise up too. For instance, when you put smaller wipers on the car’s windshield that it will be easier for you to spot large area on it which aren’t cleared probably including the most important viewing section. You need to make sure that you change the blade wipers with the size which has been specified by the manufacturer. It is important to convince the appropriate fitment and lowering the risk find. You are able to look for the size of the car wipers through the car manual or find it online since there are specific sites which provide recommended size of wipers blade for all well-known car manufacturers. For example, you will know that Hyundai Tucson 2015 will require wiper size containing 24 inch for the driver side and 16 inch for the passenger side.